Three More Pakistani Christians Accused of Blasphemy Against Islam

Pakistan(World Watch Monitor) Three more cases of blasphemy accusations have emerged in Pakistan, even after a Christian couple’s beating to death and burning in a brick kiln after allegations of blasphemy horrified the world, including the metropolitan elite in the country.

The Christian couple were killed over suspicions of desecrating the Qur’an on November 4. The Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif expressed the resolve to bring the perpetrators “to justice” and appointed Senator Kamran Michael to be the focal person in the case.

Condemnation from top religious clerics gave some hope to human rights defenders for some positive change. The Pakistani police arrested dozens of suspects in connection with the lynching of the couple but all these measures have failed to curb the rising levels of discrimination against Christians.

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  • Skorpio

    The blasphemy laws are the main tool and justification for Muslim leaders (monarchs, clerics, emirs, ayatollahs, sultans, caliphs, mullahs, etc) to maintain their absolute power as demigods, and to have immense wealth by stealing oil revenues from their people, in addition Islam provides them the legal and moral standards to enjoy all kinds of sexual pleasures with hundreds of concubines many of whom are very young girls…and boys, no wonder these guys must preserve this satanic cult -Islam- on their people, no matter the cost, otherwise they risk losing all their divine privileges if Muslims were to convert to Christianity or to any other religion except Islam.