Ukraine Ceasefire Will Allow Aid, Gospel to Flow

UkraineUkraine (MNN) It took about 17 hours, but a ceasefire agreement has been reached in Ukraine. The German/French-brokered deal is just the beginning of what all parties say is a long diplomatic road ahead. President Vladimir Putin was the first to announce the deal, but he also said there are still many issues facing the region.

While the ceasefire has been agreed to, President of Mission Eurasia (formerly Russian Ministries) Sergey Rakhuba says, “The ceasefire will actually go into effect on the 15th of February. Even as we’re speaking, there are still battles taking place. People are still dying because of the shelling.”

Andre Murzin, assistant director of the Masters in Biblical Counseling program at Kiev Theological Seminary, says, “We put our trust in God, knowing that God controls everything. God controls all the kings, presidents–their hearts, intentions and their plans.”

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Photo: Mstyslav Chernov

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