Sadistic Lesbian Muslim Convinces Lover Daughter Was ‘Evil,’ Girl Found Beaten to Death

UK Flag pd(Daily Mail) Obsessive neighbor Kiki Muddar spun a web of fantasy with the sole aim of securing a place in Polly Chowdhury’s bed.

She created a cast of 15 characters to entrap the former law firm secretary. Despite only existing on Facebook and via text message, the characters persuaded Chowdhury to kick out her husband and start a sexual relationship with the 43-year-old.

Muddar then convinced Chowdhury that her daughter Ayesha was evil, triggering an almost unimaginable series of events that ended in her death.

In a tragic twist, the little girl left a last heartbreaking note describing how she tried to “be good” in the face of the torment.

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  • BarkingDawg

    How come the Christian News Net never covers stories like the Justin Harris rehome rape case?

    (Google it).

    I’m just asking.

    • Kaitlyn Griffin

      The Right Wing/Fundamentalist Christian news media will never cover stories that paint Christians in a bad light.

      • Kaitlyn Griffin

        “Christians” *
        I do not consider Justin Harris, nor his wife, to be exemplary.

  • Truthhurts24

    Sad may the daughter rip hell will be hot for the mother and that witch.

  • sammy13

    Just read the article and saw the photos (link above). Just plain sickening.

  • Better AndBetter

    Religion = Insanity.

    • Beleaguered

      Atheism = Stalin = massacre