Abortionist Who Was Investigated Following Mother’s Death to Receive ‘Tiller Award’

PerrieraCLEVELAND, Ohio — An Ohio abortionist who was investigated after a young mother died during a botched second trimester abortion last year will receive the 2015 “Tiller Award” named after notorious late-term abortionist George Tiller.

Since 2006, the organization Physicians for Reproductive Health has been awarding abortionists who are particularly active in the abortion industry. The two award categories are the Rashbaum Award, named after the late William Rashbaum, who “trained hundreds of medical students, residents, and doctors” on how to perform abortions, and the Tiller Award, named after the late George Tiller, who burned the babies he aborted in an on-site incinerator.

This year, abortionist Lisa Perriera will receive the Tiller Award from the organization, which “recognizes a physician early in their career who provides abortions while demonstrating leadership and courage, even in the face of adversity.”

“Her mission after fellowship was not only to provide abortions but to teach residents, medical students, and legislators why safe, dignified abortion and contraceptive care saves women’s lives,” Physicians for Reproductive Health writes on its awards page. “She carried out this work at University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio, from 2009 to 2015, and will continue this work as the Ryan Residency Training Program Director at Thomas Jefferson University School of Medicine, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.”

Perriera had been reported to authorities earlier this year by half a dozen pro-life organizations following the death of a 22-year-old woman, who died while obtaining a second trimester abortion at Preterm, a facility in Cleveland, Ohio. The groups had been tipped by Dale Henkel, a pastor who had been standing for life outside the facility and took photos of the woman being taken away in an ambulance.

On March 21, 2014, Lakisha Wilson went into cardiac arrest at the conclusion of the “evacuation” abortion, and the abortion facility called 911 to state that attempts to restart her heart had been unsuccessful. According to reports, she was pronounced brain dead upon arrival at a local hospital, and was kept on life support until March 28, 2014 as her organs were donated.

A medical examiner’s report confirmed that Wilson died of “cardiopulmonary arrest immediately following elective abortion of intrauterine pregnancy.” It noted that the cardiac arrest was the result of “uterine atony,” as she began hemorrhaging and went into shock.

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“During this procedure, the woman apparently became ill and collapsed,” the autopsy report read.


But officials at the Ohio Department of Health and the Ohio Medical Board concluded that the complaints filed against Perriera were “unsubstantiated.” A criminal complaint with the state attorney’s office was likewise left unanswered.

Perriera will now be honored at the Physicians for Reproductive Health ceremony on June 1 in New York City.

Pro-life organizations state that they are disappointed that the abortionist is being elevated rather than incarcerated.

“Clearly, the Physicians for Reproductive Choice are engaged in a public relations campaign to make Perriera appear to be the victim when the truth is that she is the victimizer,” said Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue. “The true victims are her dead patient, a dead viable baby that Ohio laws should have protected, Wilson’s motherless son, and her grieving family.”

“These despicable actions reveal how abortion groups are more concerned about protecting their dwindling number of abortionists than they are about the lives of the women they falsely purport to serve,” he continued.

Last year’s award recipient was Chicago abortionist Cheryl Chastine, who reportedly works at Tiller’s re-opened abortion facility. The 2013 recipient was Willie Parker, who as previously reported, is a professing “Christian” abortionist that is working to keep the doors of the last remaining abortion facility in Mississippi open.

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    The fact that someone can get an award for murder just shows how much society is in love with death.

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    The sad reality is, how often do we weep for the reality of abortion. This is a sad case and the deception is great, but the real need is the gospel of Jesus Christ. As stated in Romans 1:16, …the power unto salvation for all who believe.

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    There is an organization called “Physicians for Reproductive Health” that passes out awards for effective mass murder?

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    Why on earth was she going in for an abortion when she was five months along? This wouldn’t happen unless there was some serious problem with the pregnancy. Does anyone know?

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    God will give him him his due reward or what he deserves