On-Duty NYPD Officer Grinds, Simulates Sex with Man in Street at ‘Gay Pride’ Parade

NYPD OfficerNEW YORK — A video of an on-duty NYPD police officer bumping and grinding and simulating sexual intercourse with a “gay pride” parade participant has gone viral and is raising concerns.

The video, which has been viewed well over 2 million times on YouTube, shows an unidentified, uniformed officer loosing himself to the Michael Jackson song, “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough,” and bumping his rear-end into the private area of the “gay pride” marcher.

During the short video clip, the officer’s back is turned to the homosexual man dancing behind him as his holstered gun and handcuffs shake from his hips.

The video, which was taken on Sunday, had more than 20,000 people march in the city’s annual “gay pride” parade, which stretched two miles from midtown to Greenwich Village. The event was described as being especially “jubilant” following the Supreme Court ruling declaring that all states must allow homosexual “marriage”.

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  • TheBottomline4This

    Doing it in private is disgusting enough.
    Doing it on taxpayers time is not allowed buddy.
    Hope the weirdo gets fired!!!