‘Convert or Die:’ Islamists Spray Paint Chilling Message on Christian-Owned Pizza Parlor

Grafitti-compressedGOTHENBURG, Sweden (Breitbart) A spate of Islamist graffiti in the multiculturalist Swedish city Gothenburg has been compared to the harassment of the Jewish community in Germany in the 1930’s, with Christian business owners being told to “convert or die.”

The threats are yet another conflict imported to Europe from the Levant, as the Assyrian Christian Asmar family awoke to find their pizza parlour had been daubed with threats in red paint. Their experience is becoming increasingly common in the city, as legitimate asylum seekers fleeing persecution find it has followed them to Northern Europe, thanks to Sweden’s open door immigration policy.

The Goteborgs-Posten records the remarks of the local Assyrian association’s president: “Imagine yourself having fled from persecution in a country and then to find yourself staying next door to ISIS sympathizers here in Sweden. It is everyday life for many people.”

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  • MamaBear

    Ah yes, the “religion of peace” strikes again.
    This was directed at Assyrian Christian immigrants who fled persecution in their own country. The perpetrators were Moslem immigrants. In another report, it said the Swedish police do not consider this a hate crime. How sad when we in the supposedly Christian nations fail to protect the persecuted. Someday God will demand an accounting for failing to protect those who come to us for safety.

    • WorldGoneCrazy

      Amen. Not sure Western Europe has been authentically Christian in a long time.

      • Basset_Hound

        At least not since the end of WWIi

      • MamaBear

        That is why I used “supposedly.”

        • WorldGoneCrazy

          Heck, I didn’t even know they pretend to be Christian over there anymore?!? Seems like they couldn’t win an election if they did?

  • afchief

    Islam and liberalism are a cancer infecting the whole world.

  • Nidalap

    Coming soon to a refugee-accepting country near you…

  • sammy13

    With humanitarian good intentions Europe threw open the doors and hatred against Christians has emigrated from the homeland and immigrated to fertile new soil.

  • https://www.facebook.com/NoKoolAid4me Pam Morgan

    Religious people problems.

  • Tmaximus

    1. That is not spray paint. 2. The bible says the same thing in many of it edicts. In the US last week….bible belt evangelicals snarled the same bile into microphones….convert or die.

    But the assumption in this article does sell well to bible bigots who are quick to blame the ‘other’ instead of rabid Christians who have been targeting Jewish populations for a couple thousand years.

  • WGB

    That is not love. God is love.