Pennsylvania Pastor, Mayor Cook for the Homeless

Allentown-compressedALLENTOWN, Pa. (WFMZ-TV) On this corner of a street downtown, a man named Pastor Tony is making dinner for a special group in Allentown. The homeless, who come here on a cold night, for a warm meal.

A man named Kenny who tells us he’s living in a tent right now says, “You can have as many hamburgers and hot dogs as you want. It’s a great thing. It’s a beautiful thing, you know?”

Every Friday night, Pastor Tony and a bunch of volunteers—including the mayor—set up a grill, fire it up, and taking a small bite out of a big problem.

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  • The Last Trump

    And in other news, atheists and evolutionary believers in “magic” perpetually complain about merely having to LOOK at the homeless living on the streets & call continually for their removal..

    • Quantz

      What a fascinatingly obnoxious thing to say. Do you have some kind of statistic that shows that people who accept evolution and/or are atheists want to see the homeless “removed”?

    • TheKingOfRhye

      Nice…..turn a nice story into a dig against atheists and people who believe in evolution. That’s just…well, like Quantz said, obnoxious. And what evidence do you have to back that up?