U.K. Women to Be Allowed Close Combat Roles

Tank-compressed(Christian Institute) David Cameron has lifted a ban on women serving in close combat roles in the British military.

Women were previously allowed to serve on the front line, but could not “close with and kill the enemy”.

The outgoing Prime Minister asked that the change be implemented “as soon as possible.”

An ex-army Colonel has warned that allowing female soldiers to fight on the front line would be “foolish” and could put lives at risk.

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  • Grace Kim Kwon

    UK shouldn’t. UK is not out-numbered by the enemy, like Israel and the Kurds are. And the use of female combatants only weakens the military. Why are they making robots if they are letting women become combatants? Mothers should stay with the children and men should protect women and children and stay gallant – that really strengthens the nation. What’s the use of protecting a civilization that puts women in the frontlines?? What are the men doing? It’s like just protecting a sexual confusion.