Suspect in Washington Mall Shooting ‘Zombie-Like’ When Arrested

cetin-compressed(Associated Press) The 20-year-old suspect in the deadly Washington state mall shooting said nothing and appeared “zombie-like” when he was arrested by authorities nearly 24 hours into an intense manhunt, authorities said.

Island County Sheriff’s Lt. Mike Hawley said he spotted Arcan Cetin from a patrol car Saturday evening in Oak Harbor, Washington, and immediately recognized him as the suspect who killed five people at the Cascade Mall in nearby Burlington.

Hawley said at a news conference they had received information that Cetin, of Oak Harbor, was in the area. Cetin, who immigrated to the U.S. from Turkey, is a legal permanent resident who has been living in Oak Harbor, authorities said. He had been arrested once before in the county for assault, Hawley said.

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  • Nidalap

    Perilous times indeed…

  • HisChild

    Of course he was ‘zombie-like’; he had just mass-murdered people in a mall.

  • Gena B

    Wonder if he had been taking ‘Flakka.’

  • George Jenkins

    I doubt the officer has ever seen a zombie. It’s the liberal attempt to make these people seem irrational and not responsible for their actions. Call them crazy, idiots, uneducated and then they don’t have to blame Islam.

  • Chet

    “Zombie-like” would be more appropriately described as under the influence of his father, the Devil…