Word of God Reaches Refugees in War Torn Aleppo

Photo Credit: World Mission/Facebook

Syria (Mission Network News) At the end of last week, Russian and Syrian forces let up on airstrikes in Aleppo for a few days for humanitarian purposes. There were evacuation corridors opened in eastern Aleppo to allow citizens to leave the city. However, very few took the opportunity to flee, and the UN said it was still too dangerous to carry out medical evacuations.

The airstrikes resumed on Sunday, and now, Russia is saying they’re not planning on any more ‘humanitarian pauses’ in their airstrikes.

Greg Kelley with World Mission says for those staying in dangerous situations in Syria, there could be several motivating factors.

“For different reasons, they’re not leaving. It might be because they might have physical ailment. They might just refuse, it’s been their home for generations, and they just simply refuse to leave. Whatever the circumstances, they’re not coming out. So the Body of Christ needs to go in.”

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