Voicemail Threatening to ‘Drop a Bomb’ on a California Mosque Being Investigated

A California mosque received a message on their voicemail service Friday afternoon from an individual who threatened to “drop a bomb” on the mosque, community Muslim leaders said Monday.

The incident at the Islamic Center of Tustin was reported to the Tustin Police Department on Sunday, said Sgt. Mike Van Cleve.

“It appears there was no caller ID on the call,” he said. “We took a report and are investigating.”

A spokesman for the mosque did not return phone calls Monday.

The voicemail is among several threats Southern California mosques have received over the past few weeks, said Hussam Ayloush, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ Los Angeles chapter, or CAIR-LA, which is based in Anaheim.

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  • Robert

    We’re finding out lots of threats and actual harm to mosques. Are done by their own people to make America look bad. So it would not surprise me if this was just another case of that
    It helps their radical recruitment .sadly it also hurts peace loving Muslims because of all the earned distrust..

    • Nofun

      LGBT does a lot of hoax hate crimes.
      There are several websites devoted to fake hate crimes.

  • “A spokesman for the mosque did not return phone calls Monday.”
    No wonder they are getting voicemails.