North Carolina Governor Signs Bill Repealing, Replacing Bathroom Law Amid Criticism

(Washington Post) North Carolina lawmakers retreated from the state’s controversial law that restricted which public restrooms transgender people can use, repealing it Thursday in the face of economic pressure in favor of a new bill that gay rights groups attacked as discriminatory.

The legislature approved the bill Thursday and Gov. Roy Cooper (D) signed it, reversing a law that required transgender people to use public bathrooms matching the gender on their birth certificates. The new law drew intense opposition from civil rights advocates because it bans local governments from passing measures to protect LGBT people. Cooper defended the new measure as an imperfect compromise and said it was not his “preferred solution.”

The votes and anger Thursday marked the latest eruption in the fight over North Carolina’s so-called “bathroom bill,” which has embroiled state politics and came to define the state’s public image since lawmakers introduced and hastily signed it a year ago. Since then, North Carolina has been buffeted by economic boycotts, job losses and public criticism, as sports leagues have relocated games, companies have canceled expansions and some tourists decided to spend their money elsewhere.

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  • Johndoe

    Good decision although they place a moratorium on local government being able to put any LGBT protections in place.

    • NCOriolesFan

      Local governments should never have more power than the state anyway.

  • Mr Cleats

    Cave in to the riff-raff. You pathetic coward. Real men do not allow themselves to be bullied by deviates and psychotics.

    • Johndoe

      Wow… I would say that your comment resembles riff raff at best. Pitiful

    • Balerion

      The “deviates and psychotics” are the republicans who would force men (as they identify as and present themselves as) into women’s restrooms because they were born with female parts. As well as force trans-women into places where they face a very high risk of getting raped or worse.

  • NCOriolesFan

    Economic boycotts that only hurt gays from getting jobs, attending concerts, whatever. Us common sense people weren’t affected because simply we don’t care what the irrational, over the cliff boycotters think.