Jharkhand the Latest Indian State to Pass ‘Anti-Conversion Bill’

(World Watch Monitor) The Indian state of Jharkhand passed an “anti-conversion bill” at its Assembly meeting on 12 August, despite demands that the bill should be sent to a select committee for further scrutiny.

“This is not normal,” Indian journalist Anto Akkara told World Watch Monitor. “It shows the growing arrogance of the Hindu nationalists.”

The opposition party said there was no need for the new law, reported the Indian Express. “There are already penal provisions in the Indian Penal Code for those indulging in coercive conversion or using allurement,” said Stephen Marandi of Jharkhand Mukti Morcha, the only other party to win seats at the last general election in a state dominated by the Hindu nationalist BJP.

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  • Amos Moses – He>i

    interesting … God sovereignly decides who is a christian and who will never be ….. but man thinks he has control ….. men make plans … God laughs ………..

  • Lydia Church

    It is up to man to convert and that contract is between God and man by freewill and God’s purposes, etc. You have the right to convert to Christianity anytime and anyplace you want to. That is what the Lord wants us to do, the point of the whole gospel. Yes, we will be persecuted for belonging to Jesus. No one ever said we won’t be. In fact, Jesus said we would be. We are to count the cost. Persecution is growing, so the cost is rising when it comes to our earthly life. But it is oh…. SOOO worth it!

  • Lydia Church

    No one can tell you what you can and can’t convert to, it is always your choice. They can’t force or control you. It is not even possible without your consent. As I said, yes, we suffer for following Christ. No even God ‘forces’ you.

  • Herrnhut

    Not all lepers were healed in Israel. Only those who came to Jesus. Not all blinds were made to see in Jesus time. Only those who saw Jesus. But no one died in the presence of the Lord Jesus when He was in their midst. Even the deads came alive in His presence. That is why the two thieves died after He gave up His Spirit, when the Romans broke their legs to kill them. That is why the prince of the world is afraid of the preaching of Jesus.