Boko Haram Has Used 83 Children as Human Bombs So Far This Year

Photo Credit: AK Rockefeller

(PBS NewsHour) The radical militant group Boko Haram has already used four times as many child suicide bombers in northeast Nigeria this year than it did in 2016, the United Nations Children’s Fund reported Tuesday.

Eighty-three children have been used as “human bombs” since the start of 2017. Fifty-five were girls, and 27 were boys, UNICEF said. In once instance, a baby was also strapped to a girl.

The number of children has been increasing since the militant group first began using children as suicide bombers. In 2014, four girls were used to detonate explosives. In 2015, 21 girls were used and in 2016, 19 children were used – 15 girls and 4 boys.

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  • Wesley Willis

    im sure their god told them to do that. how can you argue or disagree with god?