Indian Yoga Center Accused of Detaining, Harassing Woman for Marrying Christian

(World Watch Monitor) Police in the southwestern Indian state of Kerala have launched an investigation into a complaint by a woman in her twenties who says she was detained and harassed for 22 days at a yoga center because she had married a Christian, according to The Times of India.

A case was registered against five people, including the director of the Siva Sakthi Yoga Centre in Tripunithura, near Kochi, which is run by the Arsha Vidhya Samajam Charitable Trust, following an affidavit filed in the Kerala high court by a Hindu woman named Shweta.

She says her parents forced her to go to the yoga centre for “counseling” ten months after she married her husband, Rinto Isaac, and says she had to attend classes where she was told about loopholes and contradictions in the Bible and the Quran. When she protested, she says her hands were often tied and that she was “forced to sleep on the floor of dormitories, and the doors of bathrooms did not have locks. There were many who had been confined for years… Most of the inmates were ill but no treatment was given.”

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  • Lydia Church

    Hinduism is a very oppressive religion. Their religion sanctions the ‘caste’ system that enslaves its own people with no upward mobility. The goal of yoga is ‘self realization’ of ‘divinity,’ but no one is God, only the Lord. God is not ‘in’ us, or ‘in’ anything else. God incarnate is Jesus Christ. When we have our sin dealt with at the cross and are atoned and get saved, then we get the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, but not until then. Anyway, this poor lady is being persecuted for being a Christian by those in a false religious system. The Bible is truth and shows the way of God and the way to heaven. Yes, yes, and yes, this is the truth!