Church of England School Bars Christian Group’s Assemblies Following Parental Complaints

KENT (Premier) A Christian charity is being stopped from holding assemblies at a Church of England school in Kent after talks left pupils feeling “upset.”

Intervention by the head teacher comes after a 16-year partnership between St John’s primary school in Tunbridge Wells and CrossTeach.

Writing to parents, Dan Turvey said: “After careful consideration, I have decided that we will end our regular commitment to CrossTeach and that they will no longer lead assemblies or take lessons.”

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  • Cady555

    From the article:

    CrossTeach will still be allowed to operate run a club for children and parents who decide to take part.

    So the issue is not whether kids whose parents want them to take part get to take part. That is a given. The issue is the desire to teach one religious view to kids whose parents DID NOT give permission.

    Why do these christians think they have a right to indoctrinate other people’s kids?

    And this is not just a christian versus non christian concern. Read the comments to the linked article. There are at least three factions of christianity attacking each other – catholic, church of England and none of the above – and viciously condemning the beliefs and practices of the others.

    Why would anyone want the government to pick one christian view and teach only that view as truth?

  • Tianzhu

    Given that the Church of England is no longer even Christian, this is not surprising.

    • Lydia Church

      Agreed! All the denominations have become apostate and approve of every form of sin. Before that they already abandoned the Word of God anyway! More apostasy and sin naturally follows.

      • mr goody two shoes

        The most apostate church’s in the whole world are nondenominational ones. Each one has a pope for a preacher.

        • bwgirl

          Nondenominational Churches don’t have popes.

          Neither is the authority, the preacher like in Catholic Churches which you obviously aspouse, but the Word of God.

          Needless to say, most of them have gone apostate. Including your sect.

          • ppp777

            The catholic church is the largest cult in the world .

          • Peter Stone


          • Peter Stone


      • ppp777