Feds Have 43 Pregnant Illegal Immigrant Girls in Custody as Immigration, Abortion Fights Collide

Photo Credit: Credit Aneta Blaszczyk

(Washington Times) The surge of illegal immigrant children crossing the border also means a surge of pregnant girls in U.S. custody, according to new government figures made public late Monday, highlighting the latest test of Trump administration policies.

At least 420 pregnant Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) have been caught and put into government care over the last year, and 43 pregnant illegal immigrant girls were still in custody of the Health and Human Services Department as of Oct. 17, Jonathan White, the department’s director for children’s programs, said in court documents.

Of the 420 girls seen in fiscal year 2017, 18 requested abortions and 11 had them. Another five rescinded their request for an abortion, and two were turned over to sponsors in the U.S. before a final decision was made, Mr. White said, meaning they were outside of government custody.

The numbers come as the American Civil Liberties Union has filed a class action lawsuit demanding the government provide illegal immigrant girls the same rights to access abortion that Americans have.

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  • Amos Moses – He>i

    “please let us come to this country so we can murder our babies …..” ….. anchor corpses ………… God, forgive them ….. because i am afraid they know EXACTLY what they do ….. /SMH ……

    • ppp777

      That’s for sure .

    • Mark B

      What? It’s 420 women. How many live in the USA? Wow.

  • Robin Egg

    This is so incredibly sick that it defies description. They are here “illegally”.
    they have NO rights at all! Turn them back to the point of entry and be done with it. Soooo sick of the baby killing………………….

  • mr goody two shoes

    Seems like we have no rights to stop the murdering of children by our government .