“Respect our Faith! Stop the Blasphemy!” Philippine Christians Take to the Streets to Oppose Lady Gaga

In open disapproval of Lady Gaga’s immoral and provocative performances, demonic musical undertone and blasphemous lyrics, hundreds of Christians and other youth marched for the second day in Manila to the venue where she is scheduled to bring her “Born This Way” tour on May 21 and 22.

Expressing their disgust at the American performer, an estimated 200 people took to the streets holding placards that read “Respect Our Faith; Stop The Blasphemy” and “Stop the Lady Gaga Concert,” while others prayed and sang hymns as she landed in the city of Pasay.

Lady Gaga is commonly described among Christians as an “anti-Christ” for her song “Judas,” in which she sings, “I’m in love with Judas. … I’ll bring him down … A king with no crown. … Jesus is my virtue; Judas is the demon I cling to.” She also calls herself as “a fame hooker and a prostitute.”

Dr. Benny Abante, former Manila congressman and pastor of Metropolitan Bible Baptist Church, denounced Gaga’s song, “Born This Way,” which he believes is manipulative toward young people and promotes homosexuality.

“It is not only immoral, it is a blasphemy. The Lord Jesus Christ is being maligned here and mocked,” he told ABS-CBN News.

Approximately 70 members of Abante’s group, Biblemode Philippines, rallied in front of Pasay City Hall in protest. They called upon Philippine President Benigno Aquino to cancel the concert, stating that it was “a direct affront to the moral and religious values that our nation has been known for.”

This past March in South Korea, the Korean Association of Church Communication announced that it would take steps to prevent the nation’s youth from being “infected with homosexuality and pornography,” and demanded that the authorities prohibit teens from attending Lady Gaga’s concerts.

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Despite the Philippine government’s assertion that it will monitor the display of any immoral conduct, the members of Biblemode stated that they plan to continue to protest against Lady Gaga’s concert and will hold a vigil on Sunday ahead of her scheduled performances.

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