Muslims Launch Terror Campaign Against Egyptian Christians as Pressure to Avoid Presidential Election

The Muslim Brotherhood has launched a widespread terror campaign to intimidate Christians to shun participating in the final round of the presidential elections set to take place this weekend.

After the first round of the Egyptian presidential elections brought independent candidate Ahmad Shafik, last prime minister of former president Hosni Mubarak, and Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Mursi to the final round of the elections, Egyptian Christians were bitterly criticized and blamed for voting for Shafik and bringing him to the final round.

Mursi’s terrorists recently hit various regions of the country, targeting Christians in their homes, shops, farms and places of work, and strictly threatened them to refrain from participating in the presidential elections and from voting for Shafik. Threats ranged from kidnapping, to burning of their homes, shops and possessions, to murder. Towns and cities of upper Egypt form 60% of Egypt’s land area, and contain 17% percent of its population and 80% of Egypt’s Christians, who are well distinguished by their attire, language, crosses and pictures of Jesus unashamedly hung on the doors of their homes, properties and businesses.

The government granted all public sector employees Sunday off to participate in the presidential elections, which will take place on Saturday and Sunday, since the official weekend in Egypt is Friday and Saturday.

However, an owner of a private company in Cairo told Christian News Network, “Despite offering our expatriate employees and workers days off work to be able to participate in the elections, Christian employees and workers are too afraid to return to their hometowns to vote after their families have been repeatedly threatened.”

Three widows have also been reported as receiving brutal beatings for refusing to accept bribes to vote for Mursi.

Mursi of the Muslim Brotherhood declared that Christians should know that an Islamist state is coming, and that they should convert to Islam, pay Al-Jizya (an Islamic tax required of non-Muslims under the Sharia law) or leave, according to El-Bashayer, a local online newspaper.

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Mursi has not only sworn to impose Sharia law if he comes to power. He also has a dream of forming a caliphate, vowing he will not allow Ahmed Shafiq, his contending presidential candidate, or anyone else to obstruct his second Islamic conquest of Egypt. Addtionally, Mursi promised that his “Islamic institution, [referring to the Freedom and Justice Party of the Muslim Brotherhood] will trample with their shoes on the necks on anyone who should stand against us or our beliefs, because anyone who does must know they stand against Allah.”

“Our capital shall not be Cairo, Mecca or Medina. It shall be Jerusalem with Allah’s will; millions of martyrs will march towards Jerusalem. Yes, we will either pray in Jerusalem or we will be martyred there,” declared Safwat Hagazy, a well-known Muslim cleric in a speech at Mursi’s presidential campaign in Mahalla, a delta city north of Cairo. Hagazy also led the crowds in shouts of “Allah Akbar!” (Allah is great) as they waved both Egyptian and Hamas flags. The campaign rally was attended by Mursi, candidate of the Muslim Brotherhood and Mohammed Badei, the Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide, and was aired on Al-NNAS, a private Islamic channel.

“Mubarak was a very wise man and knew what he was doing. He had long suppressed a wild beast called radical Muslims. They were jailed, and they escaped jail during the revolution and now want to take over everything. They escaped jail to throw all the revolutionists in jail and wipe out Christians from the land,” stated a Christian citizen. “They’ve terrorized us to boycott the elections, to suppress our voice and [to] forcibly take over Egypt, but we can’t — we can’t let this happen.”

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