Accused ‘Gay’ Cannibal Luka Magnotta Pleads Not Guilty

The Canadian man who is accused of killing and eating pieces of his homosexual lover pled not guilty in court Tuesday.

Luka Magnotta, 29, was extradited back to Montreal after being captured in Germany on June 4th. He was flown on military aircraft with tight security and was transported to a room where he appeared on closed-circuit video due to the anticipation of a heavy media presence. His hearing lasted less than five minutes before Judge Lori-Renée Weitzman.

It is stated that Magnotta remained expressionless and that his attorney, Pierre Panaccio, entered the not guilty plea on his behalf. He also requested that his client undergo psychiatric evaluation.

Magnotta is accused of killing 33-year-old Jun Lin from China, who was attending Concordia University in Canada. According to reports, the two had been involved in a relationship four approximately four months. Lin became missing late last month; however, video footage of his murder soon showed up online.

The ten-minute video, which was set to the soundtrack of American Psycho, showed a naked and bound Lin being attacked with an ice pick in a bedroom, as Magnotta then sexually abused the corpse and hacked it into pieces. Magnotta is also seen cutting parts of Lin’s flesh with a knife and fork to eat and feeding some to a dog.

Days later, to much horror, Lin’s hands and feet were delivered in the mail to government officials and two area schools. His torso was also found in a suitcase in the trash near Magnotta’s apartment. Lin’s head remains missing.

Reports state that Magnotta was a self-proclaimed porn star, and that he been involved in homosexual pornography since at least 2001. Magnotta has appeared in several hardcore porn films and photo shoots in Canada and the United States, and has also been seen at adult establishments. The National Post reports that the pornography company Badpuppy Enterprises of Florida has admitted that Magnotta did a nude photo shoot for them in 2005.

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A transsexual named Nina Arsenault claims that while they both worked at a homosexual strip club in Toronto, the two developed a relationship. “He was my very first lover after I started living as a transsexual. He would joke about killing animals. He would joke about killing people — that he wanted to kill his family,” Arsenault stated.

But Magnotta wasn’t joking. In 2010, Magnotta was suspected of posting numerous videos online of kittens being killed in deranged ways, such as being squeezed by a python or drowned in the bathtub.

The National Post also suggests that Magnotta was behind several blogs and online comments about himself, which became darker and more demented. The publication believes that Magnotta penned a post from earlier this year called “Necrophiliac Serial Killer Luka Magnotta,” which speaks of having sexual relations with the “mummified corpse of a young man.”

“It’s not cool to the world being a necrophiliac. It’s bloody lonely,” the blog states.

“[Magnotta] appears to be yet another early victimized, sexualized child who, surrounded by sex lust everywhere, grew into a debauched monster,” Dr. Judith Reisman, an internationally-known expert on sexuality and pornography, told Christian News Network. “Pornography, as an erototoxin, is experienced as a sexualized lust for blood. As the poison seeps into almost all homes through the mass media as well as pornography websites, and in schoolrooms disguised as graphic ‘sex education,’ we are breeding homosexual, bisexual, transgendered, heterosexual … serial rapists, murderers and finally sexual cannibals, along with other forms of toxic sexual ‘expression.'”

“The key to these and scores of other growing atrocities is the devaluation of life, from the unborn to the elderly, the elevation of sexual ‘orientations,’ in concert with a damaged marital structure and the early exposure to sexually graphic images,” she added.

Magnotta, who was born as Eric Newman, is now facing five criminal counts surrounding the death of Jun Lin: first-degree murder, committing an indignity to a human body, posting obscene material, mailing obscene material and criminal harassment.

The court is expected to rule on Thursday as to whether it will grant the request to place Magnotta under psychiatric evaluation.

“Only God can judge me and I’m waiting for my judgement day,” the Vancouver Sun reports Magnotta wrote on his MySpace page. “Life is too short, live every day like it’s your last!”

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