Pro-Lifers to Romney: Withdraw for Investing in Baby-Burning Business, Support for Aborting Rape Babies

A pro-life group is calling upon Republican nominee Mitt Romney to withdraw from the presidential race over his investment in a medical waste company that reportedly burns aborted babies, and for his recent remarks in support of aborting rape babies.

Campaign to Stop Stericycle (CSS), a project of the Philadelphia-based evangelistic organization Repent America, issued a news release today stating that the nominee must bow out of his bid for president and be replaced by a candidate with “strong, consistent moral character.” It outlined that in November 1999, Romney’s financial group, Bain Capital, along with Madison Dearborn Partners, invested $75 million in a company called Stericycle, which is now the leading medical waste disposal company in the nation.

Stericycle, headquarted in Lake Forest, Illinois, not only services legitimate medical facilities, such as hospitals, doctor’s and dentist’s offices, small clinics and other physical health practices, but also abortion facilities nationwide. According to CSS, Stericycle disposes of “waste” for nearly 600 Planned Parenthood facilities, as well as numerous other abortionists in states across the nation. The company then hauls the boxes of disposed “waste” to one of its incineration plants to be burned into ash. Stericycle owns approximately a dozen incineration plants nationwide, as well as a dozen more autoclave facilities.

CSS states that the November 1999 report filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission has Mitt Romney’s name all over it.

Christian News Network reviewed the document, form SC 13D, which cites “W. Mitt Romney” as being the “sole shareholder, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President of BCI, BCP VI Inc., Brookside Inc., and Sankaty Ltd.” It goes on to say that “[t]he Bain investors … and Mr. Romney are collectively referred herein as the ‘Bain Reporting Persons,’ and that “Mr. Romney may be deemed to share voting and dispositive power … in his capacity as sole shareholder of BCI.”  Reports from other organizations that have investigated the matter state that Romney and Bain Capital profited millions from their ownership in Stericycle for at least five years.

A Stericycle employee near Charlotte, North Carolina, hides his face as he wheels out boxes of abortion “waste” from A Preferred Women’s Health Center, the office of Dr. Ron Vermani, who recently stated that he is saving taxpayers money by aborting “ugly black babies.”

“Mitt Romney and Bain Capital are responsible for assisting Stericycle in becoming the nation’s leader in the destruction of aborted babies, thereby further perpetuating the abortion holocaust, and they have pocketed millions in blood money from it,” Michael Marcavage, the director of Campaign to Stop Stericycle, stated. “Yet, Mitt Romney has never repented of his involvement, but instead continues to dodge the issue.”

Marcavage further rebuked Romney for his recent statements supporting abortion in cases of rape. As previously reported, following comments made by Congressman Todd Akin, who explained that he believes that rapists should be punished instead of the babies that are conceived from the rapist’s actions, Romney hurriedly came out against Akin.

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“Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan disagree with Mr. Akin’s statement,” Romney campaign spokesperson Amanda Henneberg wrote on behalf of the Republican ticket. “A Romney-Ryan administration would not oppose abortion in instances of rape.”

Christian News Network also corresponded with press secretary Brendan Buck, who outlined, “[T]he position of the campaign is not to oppose abortion in the cases of rape, incest, and to protect the life of the mother. … Congressman Ryan’s personal beliefs provide only a life of the mother exception, but the position of the Romney-Ryan campaign also allows exceptions in the case of race or incest.”

“While there has been much controversy this week over statements made by U.S. Senate candidate Todd Akin regarding pregnancy and rape, where is the outrage over Romney’s belief that innocent children should be killed for the crime of the rapist?” asked Marcavage. “While Mitt Romney may claim to be pro-life, he is nothing more than a turncoat and a chameleon, and is no friend of pro-life Americans.”

CSS is also urging Republican leaders to seriously consider replacing Romney as their official candidate.

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  • Steve

    This website unashamedly sets forth its adherence to a biblical worldview. It can be disheartening for a Christian who looks to the Word of God as his/her final authority to read opposing views on this website by those who look to some other source as their authority.

    Carnal reasoning, doubt, and unbelief characterize the majority of American citizens in our generation, leading to a reliance on feelings, opinions, relativism, psychiatry, and many other secular humanist viewpoints that reject the Divine revelation of Scripture. Such a worldview leads to Darwinian beliefs that reject the sanctity of life.

    When an individual can refer to a child conceived through the sin of rape as a “rape kid” and state that the kid was never meant to be, we have reason to shudder. Such a viewpoint reveals a callousness for the sanctity of life and a total disregard for Divine providence. It shows that the carnal mind is enmity against God, an individual taking upon herself to determine what should or should not happen in this world.

    Truly, there is an insurmountable gulf between a pagan worldview and a biblical worldview. May it please a gracious God to be merciful to those who are opposed to His laws and ways to open their eyes to the truth that He — not men! — is the final judge concerning life and death and all things.

  • JVC

    I agree with Steve…God is the final judge in the end when it comes to same sex marriage and abortion. Yes God is opposed to these things. However he has given all free will and the right to choose. If you choose to abort or same sex marriage, you don’t have to answer to us. You have to answer to the Lord. Romans 3:23 “ALL Men have sinned and come short of the Glory of God”