New Hampshire Candidate for County Sheriff Vows to Arrest Anyone Involved in Abortion

A Republican candidate for county sheriff in the state of New Hampshire is vowing to arrest anyone in his jurisdiction that is involved in abortion.

Frank Szabo, who is seeking to unseat the current Hillsborough County sheriff, says that if he were elected to the position, he feels that he would have a duty to protect all citizens — including the preborn. He issued a news release on Wednesday stating that he would arrest anyone that is involved in abortion in the county.

“Just because a person is not born yet doesn’t mean he or she shouldn’t have same level of protection. Someone needs to stand up and tell federal and state officials they’re wrong if it’s in the best interest of citizens,” Szabo told reporters. “Just because a law is on the books does not mean that it’s lawful.”

He compared abortion to the American slave trade, during which blacks were treated as being less than human under the law.

“I talk about the difference of ‘legal’ and ‘lawful.’ It used to be legal to own slaves, but that didn’t make it lawful. It used to be legal to restrict someone of color to the back of bus,” Szabo said. “Just because a piece of legislation says it’s legal to murder the unborn doesn’t make it lawful. … Why is there a difference between someone who is 20 years old and their life is in danger and someone who is nine months in utero?”

However, some became angry when Szabo responded to a question regarding how far he would go to stop an abortion.

“Deadly force is the last thing law enforcement should be using, [but] if a citizen’s life is in danger they should be protected,” he replied. “If there is no other choice, that’s what’s needed to protect the citizen.”

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Both Democrats and Republicans alike came out swinging against Szabo, calling his remarks “outrageous.”

Earlier today, Szabo issued a partial apology, outlining that while using deadly force may be unnecessary, he still stands by his original statement vowing to arrest anyone his county who is involved with the murder of preborn children.

“As someone who has such a passionate respect for life, I also respect the life of abortion doctors, even if I don’t respect what they do,” he stated.

Matt Trewhella of the pro-life group Missionaries to the Preborn and pastor of Mercy Seat Christian Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, applauded Szabo for his stand.

“Abortion is murder,” he told Christian News Network. “It should be outlawed, just as it was outlawed for 100 years before Roe v. Wade.”

Trewhella opined that Szabo was in essence vowing to live out the historical and Biblical practice of the “Lesser Magistrate Doctrine.” He explained that when higher authorities create laws that are unjust and unGodly, the lower authority has “both the right and duty to defy that law, and if need be to actively resist it.”

He noted that a number of states across America are currently practicing the “Lesser Magistrate Doctrine” by challenging and refusing to abide by Obamacare, no matter the consequence. Trewhella also pointed to President Andrew Jackson’s defiance of the Supreme Court during his term in office, as well as those who violated the law during the slave trade by protecting their fellow man.

Trewhella advised, however, that rebelling against authority cannot be done for any reason, but aluded to Peter’s words in the book of Acts, stating, “We have a duty to obey God rather than men.”

“There’s a standard, and the standard is God’s law and word,” he declared. “[The Christian] has a duty to not join [others] in their rebellion against God.”

“The role of the magistrate is to punish those who do evil and reward those who do good,” he outlined regarding Szabo. “I commend him for [his stand]. He should be supported and people should get behind him and the little ones.”

Szabo’s opponent, Sheriff James Hardy, views him as a radical that would incite violence in the community, however.

“My opponent wants to substitute his opinions for enforcing the law,” he stated.

Szabo is set to go up for a vote in the primaries next month.

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