Famed Cheers Actor to Pro-Lifer at DNC: ‘You Should Have Been Aborted’

Christians who traveled to the Democratic National Convention to be a voice for unborn children state that they had an interesting encounter yesterday with a well-known actor.

As previously reported, throughout the week, Christians from across the country descended upon the Democratic National Convention to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to expose the reality of abortion. Some held signs showing actual children that have lost their lives from abortion, others distributed literature to the thousands that had arrived to support Barack Obama, and others engaged in open-air preaching. Earlier in the week, over thirty Christians defended the unborn outside of a Planned Parenthood rally that involved an estimated 500-600 attendees.

Michael Marcavage of Repent America and Mike Stockwell of Cross Country Evangelism state that for a time Thursday they engaged in evangelistic activity on the sidewalk near the Bank of America stadium. They explained that they were holding signs depicting the reality of abortion when a man stopped in front of Marcavage, who was singing a hymn, and remarked bluntly, “You should have been aborted.” He then continued walking.

“I didn’t know who he was at first,” stated Marcavage. “But then Mike exclaimed, ‘Hey!'”

Stockwell immediately recognized the actor, but couldn’t quite place the name.

“As he was saying it, I looked at him again, [and] I just recognized him,” Stockwell explained. “He kinda gave me this wave over his head while he was walking away as he realized that I knew who he was. I looked him up later and confirmed that it was Jay Thomas, who played Eddie LeBec on Cheers.”

The actor had been in town for the Democratic National Convention and was interviewed by CNN earlier in the week regarding his thoughts about the election. Host John Berman advised that Thomas had “been doing investigative reporting here in Charlotte [for his Sirius Satellite radio show, and was] working the party scene here at night to find out what’s going on.”

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Thomas, whose mother was Catholic and father was Protestant, has starred in a number of well-known films and television sitcoms. He first was featured in the late 70’s sitcom Mork and Mindy, and then appeared in Cheers as the husband to Carla. He also won two Emmy Awards in the early 90’s for his role as Jerry Gold in the drama Murphy Brown. The Late Show with David Letterman has featured Thomas as an annual guest for several years, and on the big screen, Thomas was featured in the films Mr. Holland’s Opus, The Santa Clause 2 and 3, and Straight Talk, among others.

Some may also recognize the actor after being recently featured on the Dr. Phil Show with his son John as they told the story of their reunion after decades of separation. John Harding, the lead singer of the band JTX, was conceived out of wedlock and had been put up for adoption.

“It was like meeting myself 30 years ago,” Thomas told US Weekly in 2008. “Obviously, if I knew he was going to be this successful I would have kept him!”

Marcavage and Stockwell outlined that nearly everyone they encountered at the Democratic National Convention was in favor of abortion.

“It was saddening to see the widespread rejection of God and His word,” Marcavage stated. “Hollywood often makes a mockery of God, and the same spirit was quite evident throughout the convention.”

Stockwell said that he and others with him gave tracts yesterday to Wayne Knight, who played Newman on Seinfeld,  Bern Nadette Stanis, who starred as Thelma on the 1970’s sitcom Good Times and Minnesota Senator Al Franken of Saturday Night Live. Anderson Cooper of CNN also received a tract, and Jesse Jackson heard the Gospel several times during his visit.

Tom Estey, publicist for Jay Thomas, declined comment on the actor’s remarks. “Absolutely no comment from me or Mr. Thomas,” he told Christian News Network.

“I hope people pray for Jay and all of Hollywood,” Marcavage stated. “They need Jesus just like we all did before the Lord saved us.”

The evangelists advised that it is common for pro-abortion advocates to make similar remarks as those made by Thomas when confronted with the reality of abortion.

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