Daughter of LDS Bishop Warns Against Mormonism and Romney Presidency

The daughter of a Latter Day Saints bishop and author of a book on Mitt Romney’s Mormonism says that she has concerns about a Romney presidency.

Tricia Erickson, who is now a professing Christian after being involved in the LDS establishment for 21 years, stated in an article this week entitled The Obamney Twins that while she cannot support Barack Obama, she is unable to vote for Mitt Romney either.

“To me, as a conservative, a Republican and a Christian, I cannot justify a vote for either one of the Obamney baby-killing, annihilators of the family, government healthcare mandated to take over our economy socialist evil twins –  and be right with our Creator,” she wrote.

Erickson pointed out that neither seek to ban abortion, and both have shown support for homosexuality.

“Republicans say that they have to vote for Romney because we are losing our country to socialism and after another four years of Obama, there will be nothing left of America. I can’t say that I disagree,” she said. “However, what is never talked about is that Romney has his own goals for the Mormon Church [and] The Mormon Plan for America, and while he is cunning and a good debater, he lacks the judgment to discern that he will not become a ‘god’ in his next life and receive his own planet.”

Erickson has been making the rounds on various talk shows and has been featured in news publications for at least the past year, discussing her concerns with Mormonism and a potential Romney presidency.

“While he attempts to portray Mormonism as just another Christian religion, Mitt Romney counts on his skills to shift our attention away from what he truly believes,” she wrote in her book Can Mitt Romney Serve Two Masters? The Mormon Church Versus the Office of the Presidency of the United States of America.

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“It’s like our eyes are glazed over when it comes to the religion of Mitt Romney,” Erickson told talk show host Thomas Hartmann in further discussing the matter. “If you just knew what Mitt Romney believed, you would run far away from this candidate.”

Erickson states that she grew up in a devout Mormon household, and was even married in the LDS temple according to mandated rituals. However, she laments many things that she observed and was subjected to.

“It was horrific,” she told WND. “There I was standing naked [at my wedding]. They brought this bowl of water and started washing my body down, and whispering prayers over my body. They stopped over the right and left breast, the navel and knees and prayed specific prayers.”

Erickson stated that because Mitt Romney is a dedicated Mormon, he espouses beliefs that are very concerning, including that Jesus was not born of a virgin, that Jesus and Satan are spirit brothers, and that Romney will one day become one of many deities.

“Mitt Romney truly, unequivocally believes that when he dies, he is going to become a god in Heaven,” she said. “He is going be given his own kingdom/planet. He will be able to call his wife Ann by the secret name that is only given to him in the Mormon secret ceremonies … When he calls her on to his planet, they will have relations to populate the planet with spirit children, as they believe our God has a wife on His planet, and He did the same, and they believe that we are our God’s spirit children from our god mother and god father.”

“So, all of us here on earth, we existed in a pre-existence with God as a spirit baby, then we came down and inhabited these little babies’ bodies that are here on the earth,” Erickson continued, explaining LDS beliefs. “[This was done] so that we could go through our process to venture into godhood.”

She said that there has been a longstanding agenda in the LDS establishment to place Mormons into governmental offices.

“[The LDS establishment has] been trying since the beginning to get someone in the presidency, because they believe they have to establish their authority so when Jesus comes to earth, the Mormon Church will take control of the government and the Mormons will be the government of God on earth,” Erickson explained.

“They believe that when Jesus comes back to earth in the millennium, that He’s going to come to Jackson County, Missouri, which that’s where they believe the Garden of Eden is,” she added.

Former Mormons Dennis and Rauni Higley of H.I.S. Ministries International in Salt Lake City, Utah concur that these indeed are the beliefs of the LDS establishment. They provided Christian News Network with written outlines of their concerns surrounding what is called the “White Horse Prophesy.”

“From its very beginning, the Mormon plan for America has been to have a Mormon president lead this nation and ultimately the world,” they stated. “The so-called ‘White Horse Prophecy’ of Joseph Smith has been referred to often as a destiny of the Mormon priesthood in saving the United States. This ‘prophecy’ predicts that U.S. government will one day hang as if by a single thread and Mormon elders will step in and save it.”

Erickson said that in Mormon ceremonies, participants must swear to keep secret what goes on behind closed doors. She advised that in rituals that she was involved with, she observed people being forced to make gestures signifying their death if they revealed what takes place.

“They actually had us [symbolically] slashing our guts open and our guts falling to the ground if we told people of the secret dogma of the ceremonies,” she stated.

When asked how Erickson knows that Romney espouses these same beliefs, she replied that Romney has long had high ranking in the LDS establishment, holding office as bishop like her father, and working as a Mormon missionary in France for a time.

“You cannot get more Mormon than Mitt Romney,” she stated. “And I have been through the same temple ceremonies … to follow the church first before anything else.”

“To my way of thinking the idiosyncrasies of Mormon belief and practice are not the issue; Catholic belief in transubstantiation and Protestant belief in the resurrection [of Jesus] can be made to look silly, too,” Romney told CNN last year after being informed of Erickson’s writings and speeches against him.

Because of these concerns, in Erickson’s article this week, she noted that many will vote third party this year or skip the presidential race on the ballot.

“Some have said that they will simply not vote for either establishment candidate, [but] instead, in protest, will write-in another name or candidate if they will vote at all,” she wrote. “I, and approximately 90 million Americans, agree with Charles Spurgeon who says, ‘Of two evils, choose neither.'”

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  • Ben

    Brian Casaday · Top Commenter · Works at Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Ohio State
    It looks like Tricia continues to lie about the LDS church in order to sell more books or some other motive. If you want to know what Mormons believe, ask a Mormon.

    My understanding is that she is a Mormon..or was until she made the” individual choice” (sanctioned by one of the tenets of the church) that that religion has some serious issues. Having come through that system and out the other side, she is a better one to ask than a practicing mormon afraid of having their guts ripped out if they say anything while still a member. I know well the internal social pressures they face – I have mormons in my family that are completely blind and instructed not to talk, though they do not admit to this specific instruction…it is based in fear..

  • Jay

    THIS IS A PRIME EXAMPLE OF WHAT MORMONS DO TO PEOPLE WHO TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT THEIE MORMON CULT!!!! DISCREDIT THE TRUTH TELLER. I have read Ms. Erickson’s book twice and it is well documented and completely factual.

    I heard her interviews and she went through the Mormon Temple cerimony in the early 1970’s and I researched what she said on Richard Packham’s site and it proves the Ms. Erickson is telling the truth.

    You are all deceived Mormons who are mean and hateful to the truth teller that has outed our cult and mind binding relegion. SHAME ON YOU ALL!

  • Jay

    Oh, and one more thing. You all might do well to read this book, especially where it explains the Mormon practice of “Lying for the Lord”. You see, Mormons are allowed to LIE if it protects their completely fabricated and satanic religion. They have murdered innocent people in the past to protect their cult. These Mormon murders/murderers are documented in her book also.

    Everyone should read this book and save your friends, children and loved ones from this horrible cult from the pit of Hell. You see how the author has already been crucified here. Just watch when Mr. Romney becomes President.

  • Jay

    Mormon Cult Member High Preist Mitt Romney “fathered” gay marriage to the country through his Governorship of MA. (the destruction of the family)

    Mitt Romney forced Catholic charities to close down, rather than allow gays to adopt innocent children from their adoption programs.

    Mitt Romney “fathered” to America Government Mandated Healthcare through his Governorship of MA

    Mitt Romney “fathered” tax payer funding of abortion as he signed-in-to-law $50.00 (now down to zero dollars) co-pay abortions under his signature government mandated Romneycare

    Mitt Romney forced Catholic hospitals to provide abortificients

    Mitt Romney held senior oversight position with his Bain Capital investment as 48% share holders of Stericycle, a waste management company that disposed of aborted baby arms, legs, bodies

    Hitler killed 12 million. Stalin killed 50 million. On the issue of voting for the “lessor of evils”, would you vote for Hitler over Stalin?

    Christians, we have lost our way and cannot support this. Charles Spurgeon: “Of two evils, choose neither”.

    God only asks us to obey and leave the consequences to Him.

  • LindaSDF

    Romney was a Republican governor of a state with only about 17% Republicans. That’s 83% democrat, if my math is correct. He was probably lucky he could get his own modifications into these things.

    And it was Catholic Charity’s choice, as far as I know. They did not want to adopt kids to gay couples.

  • erom

    I am a Bible only fundamentalist to the right of most professing fundamentalists and I do not doubt one thing Tricia says, but here’s the problem I have with believers like Tricia.

    We’re to look forward to, and purify ourselves in light of, the Lord’s return (maranatha, anyone)? Moreover, there is NO INDICATION anywhere in the N.T. that Christians can prevent, forestall or delay the coming worldwide economic, political and religious reign of Antichrist. Vote…don’t vote…it won’t matter. It’s all going to come to pass as written.

    Given that fact, and given that what she says about men like both Obama and Romney is the truth…why WOULDN’T we vote for Romney or for Obama? Either one of them accelerates the moral slide our nation and world is already one, and in so doing accelerates the revelation of Antichrist and the return of Christ. That is simply the logical outworking of their position, and it’s what the apostle Paul said we’re supposed to be looking forward to and praying for!

    Quit living in fear. The world is going to go through literal Hell the likes of which no unbeliever has ever imagined. If you’re a believer, you’ve graciously been exempted from it in Christ.



  • gorgo

    The easiest way to find out once and for all if Mormonism is the work of the God of the Bible, is to use the test He gave us to use: test the prophet.

    A three minute video on Youtube does so beyond any dispute. If this link doesn’t work, just search YT for “How Joseph Smith Sabotaged Mormonism.”


    • LindaSDF

      First, the Bible is only as perfect as the men who wrote it, translated it, put it together, etc. God, first and foremost, gives us our free agency. He will not force anyone to do anything or not do anything.
      We accept the Bible as God’s word, as far as it is translated correctly. And many times, (non-LDS) Christians have admitted that there are places in the Bible as we have it, that were not translated correctly.
      1. It is the fullness of the GOSPEL that is not found in the Bible. Salvation is by grace, but exaltation is by following the commandments of Christ.
      2. What was lost was the priesthood authority that Christ gave His apostles, to run His church.
      3. The Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ. Only a prophet of God could have produced this book.
      4. Books cannot save anyone. Books have no authority over man.
      5. God’s established word is not The Holy Bible, and nothing else. The Bible says nothing about the Bible. And no where in the Bible does it say that God gave us the Bible, and then shut His mouth, and let us stumble around like children tossed to and fro with every wind of doctrine.
      6. Nothing Joseph Smith ever said contradicts what God has already revealed, nor does it entice people to follow after other gods. And Deuteronomy does not say that a false prophet should be put to death. It says that if a prophet (real one) says anything that God did not say, he deserved death, not be put to death.
      7. Therefore, God did not lie, and He did not stop men from corrupting the scriptures, either willingly or not. As I pointed out, “God’s Word” and “Bible” are not one and the same. The Bible is God’s word, but God’s word is not JUST the Bible. Besides, would you trust a God who forced everyone to do what He wanted?
      8. Actually, Joseph Smith WAS God’s way of keeping His Word from disappearing or being corrupted.
      9. No one has slandered God or His character. God is not weaker than Satan. God allows men to decide for themselves if they are going to follow Him, or Satan.
      10. We still offer free Bibles. We spend two of every four years studying the Bible. We also give away the Book of Mormon.
      All we have “blasphemed” is your interpretation of the Bible.

      • gorgo

        A reply was left for you on the youtube channel because you misunderstood the point of the video. Thanks…

      • martin

        Your posts trouble me…

        Does your faith teach that Jesus and Satan are brothers? If you answer yes then you are confirming that Mormonism teaches contrary to scripture. If you answer no then you disagree with the Mormon doctrine found in Doctrines and Covenants and The Pearl of Great Price.

        1) Why do you believe that the fullness of the Gospel isn’t found in the Bible? Jesus said “it is finished” which confirms that the “good news” was complete. And this “good news” is that Jesus paid the price for our sins. Are you calling Jesus a liar? Are you saying that the “good teacher” missed something in the teachings which He passed on to his disciples? Was Jesus reckless or incomplete with salvation?

        2) Why do you say that the priesthood was lost? Jesus told Peter “you are Peter (pebble in Greek), and on this ‘rock’ (large rock in Greek) I will build my church.” The ‘rock’ which Jesus referred to is not Peter, it is Himself. Jesus died which made us white as snow validating us for the priesthood. According to 1 Peter 2:9 we are his priesthood based on His completed works. Why in the world would you assume that it was lost? It couldn’t have been lost since the qualification is based on Jesus’ completed works and not on our own efforts.

        3) The book of Mormon cannot be another testament of Jesus because it contradicts the Bible. It was inspired by an Angel whom appeared to Mr. Smith providing an alternate gospel than the one which Jesus taught to the 11 who followed Him. If I were to chose, I would chose the writings of the men who walked with Jesus over the man who was given an alternate gospel by an angel/deceptive spirit (Galatians 1:8)

        4) You are correct, books cannot save anyone. However, the Bible isn’t a book. It’s inspired/living words of God. (2 Timothy 3:16).

        5) You just called Paul a liar in 2 Timothy 3:16. The Bible validates itself. The Bible says that it has provided us with the complete gospel which is necessary for salvation. Anything added to this gospel is heresy. The Bible also says that the Holy Spirit will guide us but the Holy Spirit will not contradict what has already been revealed (John 14:16)

        6) Doctrines and Covenants as well as The Pearl of Great Price contradict the Bible. Non-mormons know more about your faith than the little flip book which you bring to our doorsteps. The minute we start to ask about things that we shouldn’t know your missionaries flee and don’t come back. You prey on the weak, uneducated and ignorant. You run from those of us who have understanding. It took bravery for you to post here, but light reveals all things. Joseph Smith is a heretic. Mormonism doesn’t agree with the God of the Bible. Your faith teaches another gospel which, according to the Bible, should be rejected.

        I would respond to the rest but I simply don’t have time. I would love to hear your responses. Let all things be brought to the light. God’s word asks us to “reason together” with Him. I don’t think that He is opposed to us reasoning among ourselves as we search for the truth.

        • LindaSDF

          1. Jesus said nothing about the Bible. The Good News was not complete when He died, it was complete when He rose from the dead. That Jesus’ death paid the price for our sins is not at issue, we firmly believe that. But, the Bible says nothing about the Bible, since there was no Bible then.

          2. The Rock that Jesus would build His church on what REVELATION from God. Jesus told Peter that it was God who told him that Jesus was the Christ, and that on THIS rock, meaning revelation, and Peter was the small rock, meaning the Prophet Seer and Revelator of the Church of Christ.
          And in Hebrews, it states that no man is to take on himself the priesthood, but he that is called as Aaron was.

          3. Where does the Book of Mormon contradict the Bible? Have you read the Book of Mormon?
          Gal. 1:8 is talking about those apostles who were telling the Gentile converts that they must become Jews (gospel of circumcision). He meant that if the apostles of Christ or even if an angel from heaven, should tell you to get circumcised and follow the Law of Moses, to not listen to them.

          4. 2 Timothy says nothing about the Bible. In fact, he was not even talking about the New Testament, since that was not scripture to him.

          5. The Bible says nothing about the Bible. And nothing we believe contradicts anything that has already been revealed.

          6. The missionaries leave because they aren’t there to argue, or contend. You talk about books you have never read. And we don’t contradict the Bible, we contradict your interpretation of the Bible.
          The Gospel message we bring is that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God, who came to die for our sins and rise again that we can have eternal life.

  • Mrs. James Clemons

    This is very interesting reading, both pro and con. For my own standing I am a Christian, who is not surprised at this as it reveals the nature of man in it’s most natural form. From what I have seen here, and what I know without seeing this material and the comments afterwards I am reminded of the Holy Bible in it’s content in Revelation and of Daniel. If you have the non mormon version, then you will get the Truth. Reading it you will see the curious correlation in Daniel and in Revelation regarding the future and at this point we may very well be at that juncture in the election process. For the Truth of your religious cult wouldn’t it pay to learn from a source that is neither mormon or atheistic ? I.e. the Truth is learned from those who have come out of the religion because they have seen the Light of the Truth of the Word of God. Corinthians speaks to the ‘angels of light being ministers of the deceiver’, and this is what I am reminded of here. The choices indeed are not easy to make, I am not happy about the choice to make here because of the limits available. I know that I have been praying for the salvation of the ones for choice of election. I am grieved by what the Rev. Billy Graham has allowed to be done. He above all others should know the differences and why the choice is to be so hard. But having attended at least a couple of his evangelism events remember him saying that he wanted to leave the earth before the ‘anti-christ’ is in full operation. So he has said himself that he believes that this will be his last election, if this does indeed turn out to be true, and it does have all the ‘earmarks’ of such a potential, then know what he has said is indeed prophetic of the Truth to be come real.

    • LindaSDF

      We use the King James Bible, same one everyone else uses. One big reason I joined the LDS church was because of how totally Biblical it is. And in our Sunday School classes, we spend two of every four years studying the Bible. I read Daniel and I read Revelations and I still know that I am right where God wants me. These books say NOTHING that contradicts LDS doctrines.

      The TRUTH is learned from those who are members of our church. Do you think that we are so stupid that we don’t know what we believe? what we are taught?

      How much does she charge for this book? If it’s so vitally important for people to know this stuff, why does she not give it all for free? You can learn everything there is to know about what we believe and why we believe it, for FREE. You can access our scriptures, our study manuals, General Conferences, our official magazines, all for free.

      As for Billy Graham, perhaps he has learned that what he believed about Mormons was not true. That just because you don’t agree with what we believe, you don’t have to use a pejorative term to describe us.

  • Bryan

    But, the Cristian religion relies only upon the Bible…and I was unaware that the Eurphates and Tigris ran thru the USA.

  • LindaSDF

    The flood took them half way around the world. They just renamed the rivers they found there.

    • Sally

      A worldwide flood would have completely resurfaced the earth… The Garden of Eden is GONE.

  • LindaSDF

    Why must the Christian religion rely only on the Bible? The Bible doesn’t say that. There is nothing in the Bible about the Bible.

  • Jim

    [I’m Jim and found the following on the web. Any reaction?]

    Harry Reid’s Porn Secret

    by Aaronita Smith

    Mormon Senator Harry Reid has been covering up the hard-core porn sketch in the “Book of Abraham” which is Mormon-approved scripture.
    This Book is part of the “Pearl of Great Price” which, along with the “Book of Mormon” and the “Doctrine and Covenants,” make up the LDS church’s “triple combination” in one volume.
    The porn is found in Fig. 7 of Facsimile 2 in the “Book of Abraham” which shows two beings facing each other, which were described by Joseph Smith as representing the “Holy Ghost” and “God sitting upon his throne,” the latter clearly showing an aroused male sex organ.
    After Smith published this sketch in his newspaper in 1842, which offended Mormon sensibilities, the phallic portion was whited out for more than a century until the “restored” LDS church decided in 1981 to restore what had long been censored!
    Equally shocking was the discovery that the “Book of Abraham” had nothing to do with Abraham or his God but was really only ancient Egyptian funeral documents depicting occultic obscene practices – and the original sketches showed an erotic phallus on both beings including the one Smith blasphemously claimed was the Holy Ghost!
    For further information see “Book of Abraham” (Wikipedia). Also see Jerald and Sandra Tanner’s “Mormonism – Shadow or Reality?” which on 76 pages reproduces the original Egyptian X-rated drawings and shows how Smith altered them and created one of his many frauds. Highlights in the classic Tanner work can be seen by typing “Facts From Mormons (By a Utah Resident)” and “What LDS Leaders Say” on Yahoo.

  • jr

    i left the LDS church over the Tanner’s publications. I did my own research to find more problems in lds religion and. started to discover the deceitful practices of Tanner’s and others like the Tanner’s. I contacted some ppeople who wrote things against lds and asked questions to compare notes and when I questioned anything I was treated badly and accused of spying. the lds critics are rude and do not want honest dialogue. There are ways of disagreeing and questioning without being deceitful and out right lying like Tricia Erickson and other former bitter LDS. An ex family member told lies abouut me to further their deceitful agenda which I exposed. bitter ex mormons do the same and then make money doing it. that is wrong on many levels