Protesters Storm Church, Chant ‘If Mary Had Known About Abortion, We Wouldn’t Have This Nonsense’

Quebec, Canada — Pro-abortion protesters recently stormed an evangelical church in Canada during a conference on pro-life issues.

According to reports, at least twenty protesters — all under the age of 25 — gathered outside of the Life Coalition Conference in Quebec to express their disapproval of the annual event. Various groups had advertised their plans to protest the conference, which they labeled as being “anti-choice and homophobic.”

At one point, approximately a dozen protesters stormed into the building to make their way towards the conference hall, where the meeting was being held. Witnesses inside said that they could hear the protesters chanting sayings in French, such as “My body, my choice.” They also clapped and stomped as they stood outside of the conference doors, which interrupted the meeting.

“The commotion and shouting prevented me from continuing,” stated Pastor Stephane’ Gagne, who was speaking at the time.

One of the slogans that protesters reportedly chanted in a sing-song  manner was, “Oh, if Mary had known about abortion, we wouldn’t have to deal with all of this nonsense.”

Police were present at the event and forced the protesters to leave the building. Because attendees had blocked the doors to the conference hall, those seeking to gain entrance and further disrupt the meeting were unable to do so.

“[Police] were shoving the demonstrators as they tried to close the door on the second floor for our protection,” Gagne outlined. “The officer in charge called for reinforcements [while] we waited several minutes, during which we were sequestered.”

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Sophie Roy-Goyette, one of the protesters at the event, told reporters that she believes that abortion is necessary because in countries where abortion is illegal, women die in their attempts to kill their unborn child “on the black market.”

“It is important for the health of women [that] there is the right to abortion,” she stated.

However, one of the conference speakers, who was raped at age 15 and refused to abort the child, opined that abortion is the equivalent of witchcraft.

“This is a civilization that is dying,” she said. “Never will I hold my peace, because I could never accept that innocent blood is shed in my land.”

Recently, legislators in Ottawa struck down a proposal calling for a study on the legal rights of unborn children.

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  • Of course, they’ll never stop to listen to the pro-life arguments. That’s just the way they do things. All feeling no thought.

  • eleanor

    The human race is the only species on planet earth that regularly murders its offspring. The Bible says the last days people will be “without natural affection”. It is certainly unnatural for a woman to be so devoid of human feeling that ripping a baby apart and throwing it away is nothing. I believe every time a baby is aborted, it is a satanic offering to the ancient god Baal, whether the woman realizes it or not. it is a sacrifice to the devil