Pro-Life ‘States of Refuge’ Effort Aims to Shut Down Last Abortion Facility in Mississippi

A nationally-recognized pro-life group is working to shut down the last remaining abortion facility in Mississippi, making it the first abortion-free state in the nation.

Rusty Thomas of the States of Refuge campaign, which focuses on ending abortion in the five states in America that have just one abortion facility, told Christian News Network that he believes it is likely to come to pass due to a new law in Mississippi. Currently, the only abortion facility in the state is Jackson Women’s Health Organization in the capital city.

“The state of Mississippi passed a law this year regarding admitting privileges,” he explained, which is a measure designed to protect women in the event they are injured during an abortion. “They do not have that at the abortion facility there in Jackson.”

While officials have not yet closed the facility due to its inability to obtain admitting privileges, Thomas said that Jackson Women’s Health Organization was able to bide more time — but only for a short period.

“They were kind of shrewd and were able to make adjustments so that they could [be classified as] a medical facility to give them six months to comply,” he explained.

If the facility is not able to comply by January 16, 2013, it can be shut down by the state under the law.

“The state has the authority to step in and say, ‘Are you in compliance?’ If not, shut it down!” Thomas said.

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Thomas and approximately 100 other pro-lifers spent this week conducting pro-life outreach in and around the Jackson area, helping to raise awareness about the reality of abortion.

“We went to a number of different venues,” he said. “We went to high schools where we set up signs and passed out Christian pro-life literature. … We went to Jackson State University.”

The group also preached, sang and prayed outside of Jackson Women’s Health Organization.

“It was a time that the Lord moved and souls came to faith in Christ,” Thomas continued. “You obviously have those who are very, very upset, and then there are those who are glad you are there and show much appreciation.”

Thomas said that the ministry was coming in like a Paraclete to assist the local organization Pro-Life Mississippi, and that he sensed that it would not be long before the efforts of pro-lifers paid off in the state.

“All of the pieces of the puzzle are pointing to Jackson, Mississippi for the 40th year of Roe v. Wade,” he stated. “We are on the verge of making history.”

He explained that instead of pro-lifers meeting in Washington, D.C. in January for the 40th year of Roe, he feels that they need to gather in Mississippi to watch as the state becomes the first to end abortion.

“Imagine one state being set free from blood guiltiness,” Thomas said with excitement. “If one state falls, it does send a message that it can continue in other states.”

He stated that he hopes that if and when the facility closes, it will encourage others to take a stand for life.

“Hopefully, it would inspire others that you don’t have to wait for the Republican Party or [any] politicians,” Thomas commented. “These are the moments God uses to get others involved.”

The other four states in where only one abortion facility remains are Arkansas, Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota.

“Once it falls, the march is not over,” Thomas advised. “On to other states.”

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