Report Finds Universities Waging ‘War on Jesus’ by Expelling Christ and Teachings From Religion Courses

A new report released by a publication that focuses on institutions of higher learning asserts that universities nationwide are waging war on Jesus by leaving him out of their religion courses.

College Fix says that it conducted a survey of 316 religious courses from 12 universities across the country and found that only three courses centered on the life and teachings of Christ.

“Jesus Christ is – without question – the most influential figure to ever walk the Earth, but professors clearly prefer to offer electives on much more obscure matters,” the publication writes.

“[J]ust because a class is on Christianity does not mean it will give much, if any, consideration or weight to the person of Jesus Christ or his teachings,” researchers stated. He might get a lecture or two, … but many course descriptions on Christianity classes don’t even include the word ‘Jesus’ at all…”

Those who conducted the study said that there are also notable differences in how Christianity is analyzed compared to other religions. They explained that words such as “understanding” are using for courses relating to Islam, but the phrase “critical analysis,” for example, is used in class outlines surrounding Christianity.

They explains that, in comparison to the three courses that did center on Jesus, there were also two classes on witchcraft and shamanism, three on sex and religion, five on mysticism and twelve on women and religion. College Fix also outlines that some of the course titles were so obscure that it had no idea what kind of material would be discussed.

“University of Colorado at Denver’s 40-plus religious studies classes include ‘whores and saints,’ ‘theories of the universe,’ ‘Freudian and Jungian perspectives in dream analysis,’ and ‘spirituality and the modern world,'” it writes. “No electives focused exclusively on Jesus, however.”

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“Arizona State University’s 50 religious studies classes run the gamut from ‘anthropology of material culture’ and ‘ritual, symbol and myth’ to ‘what is religion’ and ‘gender and peace.’ Again, no Jesus electives,” the publication continues. “In fact, the only religion class at Arizona State focused exclusively on Christianity is called ‘lost scriptures/lost Christianities,’ and zeros in on the ‘wide diversity of early Christianity and its suppressed and lost texts, which have been found in modern times.’ But rest assured, the campus offers four classes on Islam and two on Stalinism.”

It states that although three of the classes centered on Jesus, other historical — or even non-existent — figures headlined course electives as well, such as Mohammed, Martin Buber and “The Brothers Karamozov.”

Additionally, College Fix said that the three classes that were focused on the life of Christ apparently all dealt with what others have to say about Him, not who Jesus said He was or what He taught.

“Take Georgia State University at Atlanta’s ‘Jesus Inside and Outside the Gospels’ course,'” the publication said. “It’s a ‘comparative study of portrayals of Jesus as they have evolved over the past two millennia … and visual depictions of Jesus in modern media such as film, television and the internet.’”

“The University of Hawaii’s ‘Life and Teachings of Jesus’ class is a ‘critical study’ of Gospels and of extra-Biblical sources,” it continued. “And the survey’s third and final elective solely devoted to Jesus comes from Butler University in Indiana. Called ‘Historical Jesus,’ it offers a ;close look at Jesus of Nazareth, focused on sources and methods of knowledge about Jesus as a historical figure. Attention will also be paid to historical and cultural context, and to beliefs about and depictions of Jesus in early Christian literature.'”

At the end of the study, researchers concluded that there is an outright hatred for Christ on the vast majority of college and university campuses nationwide.

“[I]f this survey highlights anything, it’s that [students are] not even given the option [to study the words of Christ],” they stated. “Meanwhile the classes that do focus on Jesus or Christianity sidestep his message and teachings in favor of historical context and critical analysis.”

“Bottom line,” they declared, “universities across America show an outright disregard and disdain for Jesus Christ.”

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