New Orleans Down to Last Abortion Mill After Church-Turned-Abortuary Set to Close

New Orleans, Louisiana — The city of New Orleans is down to one last abortion facility from a reported seven following the news that another location, which is housed inside of a former church, is about to close.

Pastor Dale Sochia of King Jesus Ministries in Boutte told Christian News Network that he recently confirmed that Midtown Medical is closing following the death of abortionist Kiat Varnishung. He said that he first found out from Pastor Bill Shanks of New Covenant Fellowship, who was told firsthand by a manager at the facility.

“Two Fridays ago … Bill called me up and said, ‘Dale, I just want to let you know that the manager of the abortion clinic came out and told me, ‘You need to break out your red marks-a-lot again,'” Sochia explained.

Shanks had kept a list of abortionists in the area, and would cross off their name with a red marker when one of them left the abortion industry.

“Bill was startled and wasn’t quite exactly sure what she was speaking of,” Sochia said, “and she told him Kiat Varnishung has died, and we are in the process of closing down this clinic.”

Sochia, who has been ministering in the city since 1995, said that he then called other locations to confirm the information and found out that indeed Midtown Medical will soon be shut down.

He states that three years ago, God gave him a word about the location, as the facility is housed inside of what was formerly a church — and still looks very much like a house of worship today.

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“[I felt that God said,] ‘My house, which should be a house of prayer, has not only become a den of thieves, but it has become a house of horror. But My house shall become a house of honor,” Sochia explained. “And so, I believe that the Lord has given us an opportunity to turn it from a house of horror back into a house of holiness.”

He said that another abortionist in the city died last year, closing several locations. Adrian Coleman, a physician who doubled as an abortionist, was only 38 years old.

Just days before Coleman died, Sochia was able to speak with him.

“I said, ‘You know doc, you need to stop killing these babies,'” Sochia recalled. “And as true as can be, this doctor looked at me and said, ‘I like killing babies.'”

“Something just dropped in my spirit and I said, ‘You have a bigger problem and it’s not me. It’s God,'” he replied to Coleman.

It was ten days later that the healthy 38-year-old died suddenly of cardiac arrest.

The deaths have been shocking to those that have learned about the sudden demise of the abortionists. Other abortion facilities in the area have been closed down in recent years by authorities due to safety violations.

Pastor Dale Sochia

Sochia said that he believes that abortion is ending in New Orleans because of the work of those who care about life — and eternity.

“Hundreds of women have not only turned away from killing their children — because it’s more than just coming out there and asking people not to kill their babies,” he explained. “It is a Gospel issue. So we proclaim the Gospel out there that these women need salvation and healing in Jesus.”

Now, only one abortion facility remains open in the notorious city, and its future may also be shaky.

“They now have only a doctor from Baton Rouge who does them when he comes in,” Sochia said.

While the New Orleans pastor states that he is encouraged by the number of abortion facilities that are steadily closing across the country, he believes that there is much more work that needs to be done. In reflecting on the state of the nation, he pointed to Hosea 4:2.

“We’ve become adulterers; we’ve become murderers and liars, and it says ‘bloodshed touches bloodshed,'” Sochia outlined, referencing the Scripture. “America has gone over a moral cliff long before there was even an idea of a fiscal cliff.”

“The Bible is clear to rescue those unjustly sent to death, to hold back those being led to slaughter,” he continued. “Our objective and the calling and the vision is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ into the highways and into the bi-ways, and what better place than at the very gates of Hell, and then to possess those gates?”

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