Female Students Seeking ‘Sugar Daddies’ to Pay Way Through College Doubles

college pdReports state that an increasing number of young women across the country are signing up for memberships with relationship sites in an effort to find a “sugar daddy” to help pay their way through college, and that over the past year, such arrangements have doubled.

A sugar daddy is defined as a slang term referring to “a wealthy, usually older man who gives expensive gifts to a young person in return for sexual favors or companionship.” According to the New York Post, many women in college are pursuing the concept of a sugar daddy instead of applying for a student loan.

“[N]owhere are there more coeds looking for rich benefactors than New York University, where last year, nearly 300 young women signed up for memberships at an online relationship site that promises a ‘mutually beneficial’ arrangement,” it reports.

A popular relationship site outlines that it has signed up hundreds of women at Columbia, Cornell and Syracuse Universities, who are seeking an older man who will help pay for the cost of books and tuition. The site describes the students, known as “sugar babies,” as “attractive, intelligent, ambitious and goal oriented” women seeking “financial pampering.”

According to estimates, the average college student who chooses to go the sugar daddy route receives approximately $3,000 a month, including material gifts. In New York City, where the cost of education is much higher, female students may receive at least $4,000 a month.

However, New York is not the only state where many young women pursue relationships for money. The Daily Mail reports that Georgia State University was the number one school for sugar daddy arrangements, with Temple University in Pennsylvania coming in third behind New York University. One site reports an 58 percent increase in these types of relationships.

“While some may argue that these women are just using men for their own personal gain, I believe that they are proactive in pursuing a higher education,” states Brandon Wade, founder of an online relationship site.

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“The lesson here … ask and you shall receive,” a 22-year old student, who wished not to reveal her identity, told CBS last year. “They have given me cars, trips, jewelry. These guys will take you out and they will court you. They support you financially.”

“My dreams came true after my parents stopped supporting me when I was 18,” she continued. “They see you struggling; they want to help you. Whether or not it is an arrangement, it is still a relationship.”

The woman admitted that in return for the money and gifts, her sugar daddy asks for sex.

Those who have become aware of these increasing sexual arrangements have had mixed responses.

“I don’t see what the big deal is here. It’s the way its always been — women seek men who are able to provide, and men seek external beauty. All this website does is allows women and men the opportunity to speak freely of these needs and come to an agreement before they start a relationship together so everything is out in the open on what each party expects,” wrote one commenter named Donna. “Sounds like a good relationship to me!”

“These women are cheapening themselves and exemplifying what is wrong with the millennial generation,” disagreed a woman named Gena. “No morals, no character, no willingness to endure temporary hardship for long term gain. At least I can look myself in the mirror every morning and know I have nothing to hide from my children or of which to be ashamed.”

Other universities listed as being among those where the most girls seek sugar daddies include Arizona State University, Texas State, Indiana University and the University of Central Florida.

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