Evangelists to Descend Upon Inauguration to Declare ‘No King But Christ’

Washington, D.C. — A number of Christians across the country will be descending upon Washington, D.C. on Monday — not to celebrate another four years of Obama, but to declare the Kingship of Christ and to call men to repent and believe the Gospel.

Among those that have organized outreaches at the inauguration include evangelists Michael Corral from Washington and Jeff Rose of Jeremiah Cry Ministries in Jersey City, New Jersey. For both men, this is their first experience of ministering at an inaugural event.

“This is a great opportunity [to share the Gospel],” Corral told Christian News Network, outlining that up to 800 thousand people are expected to attend the ceremony. “Everyone is going to be funneled into certain areas, … and so I get to hand out Gospel tracts and also proclaim the Gospel to people who would probably never go into a church building.”

“I just thought, how can we bellyache about things and continue to complain about things, and then not stand up when opportunities arise,” Rose explained. “This opportunity arose, and I just gathered a few fellow street preachers and said, ‘Let’s go down there and be a witness, and let’s stand up for the Lord. Let’s herald the Good News of Jesus Christ, but also let’s thunder out and confront the sins of our nation that are in opposition to the word of God.'”

Corral said that the Lord has already blessed his efforts beyond what he imagined.

“Initially, I was hoping to get five to six Christians locally that would come and would help me, but we have around twenty,” he explained, noting that people will be coming from several other states, such as Virginia, North Carolina and Maryland. “The number of tracts that was in my head — 15,000 — got surpassed. I believe we have, from donations, over 19,000.”

The evangelists state that although they are grieved by what has become of our nation, including the continued slaughter of unborn children and the propagation of the homosexual agenda, they believe that instead of just cursing the darkness, Christians are commanded to light a candle.

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“When evil pervades like it is and inundates our society, it’s just common sense that we need to stand up and confront it,” Rose stated. “Our message will be no king but Christ. We’re not down here to worship any other king except Jesus Christ. We don’t see the answers, we don’t see the remedy in Obama whatsoever.”

“Our sole mission is all about the Gospel. It’s the Gospel that glorifies God completely,” Corral said, who regularly witnesses in the D.C. area. “[God] said that His word is going to accomplish everything He said it would accomplish. That’s why we’re motivated to do this.”

Jeff Rose

Rose explained that all rulers, including Barack Obama, are subject to the King of kings, and when they subvert the Divine law for their own agenda, Christians must speak out.

“Anytime our leadership, our president, our government begins to endorse evil, and propagate evil and legislate evil, it is in direct conflict to the Word of God, and as born again Christians, we are mandated to stand up, be the prophetic voice of the Church, and call all those who are in opposition to God’s word to repent,” he outlined. “Romans 13 represents the responsibility of the government in society, and they’re accountable to God for what they do and what they don’t do. And everything that they do represents who they serve.”

“Anytime you enforce a worldview upon people other than the law of God, it’s an autonomous law,” he added. “It is in opposition to God’s law. It’s in opposition of God Himself.”

Corral stated that when the message of repentance is preached in the public square, such as the men plan to do at the inauguration, many people become quite offended — especially professing Christians.

“Those that claim to be Christian are the worst when it comes to Gospel preaching,” he said. “They get red very quickly and their veins start to pop out. … I’ve seen little ladies getting angry up to where they want to strangle you.”

“[The Gospel] is the most offensive thing to someone [who thinks] that they have earned their way to Heaven,” Corral outlined. “You’ve started to expose the foundation that they’ve rested on. It totally messes up their view.”

However, Corral said that when he reaches out to the lost, he is reminded of the Bunyan classic Pilgrim’s Progress, where Christian fought a foul fiend that represented the devil. He recounted an outreach that he conducted in Washington in making the correlation.

“It was like we were reaching into the mouth of Abaddon — the beast, and we were trying to pull people out of the mouth [of the dragon] while they were dancing down the mouth and down the tongue towards being swallowed,” Corral said. “We were reaching out to grab them before it was too late.”

Rose advised that while some Christians wish to throw in the towel on the nation and possess a “why shine the brass of a sinking ship” mentality, they must instead be proactive as the days become darker.

“There’s a whole propagation of the gospel of escapism, but it’s not in Scripture,” he said. “No where in Scripture does it tell us to run and hide.”

“I think the majority of the Church’s apathetic behavior is because they have bought into a gospel that tells us not to get involved — to hide and not be a light into those areas,” Rose continued. “As long as we continue to theologically come up with these encyclopedic excuses of why we should remain in hiding and spend the rest of our Christian life splitting hairs and arguing over whether or not we should be present in society as a witness to the glory of God, then there’s a big problem.”

Michael Corral

Corral agreed.

“[Jesus] said He wants to come back and see His people working. We have to go out there and work,” he said. “We can’t be like, ‘Well, we’ll just watch the bad stuff happen.”

When asked about the fear of Obama that many Christians possess in dreading the next four years, the evangelists replied that we must keep our eyes on Christ and not man.

“I would ask, ‘Is your hope in in what you see? Is your hope in everything that’s around you?” Corral said. “You need to have your real hope in Christ. Christ said he would take care of us. … We know the end chapter. We know that Christ will win.”

“The Bible says that he who is born of God overcomes the world,” Rose declared. “There are many verses that declare that we are to go into the world and proclaim the prevailing Gospel — the Gospel of victory.”

“By Christ tarrying, it means we have more time,” Corral stated. “God’s banquet hall is not full, where He’s got the banquet feast set, where God sends out His servants [and says], ‘Okay, go into the highways, go into the hedges — everywhere — looking for people to come in that My banquet table will be full.'”

Both Corral and Rose exhorted that instead of retreating from the evils plaguing our nation, now is the time to get off the sidelines and onto the field.

“This is what the Lord commands of us — to go into the world and be a light in darkness, not to hide our light under a bushel,” Rose said. “Because of what Christ has done for us, that should compel us to go out into the world and proclaim the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ, and that Christ is King and sovereign over all.”

“We need to come out of hiding,” he continued. “We really need to repent of our apathy, of our laziness, of our indifference, of our coldness, and we need to rise up and be the Biblical, God-ordained warrior bride that He’s commanded us to be, and to go out into this world and be a presence among the darkness.”

“I think of the movie Shindler’s List. At the end of the film, Schindler was going through the jewelry that was on his hands and his watch and his rings, and he was like, ‘This could have bought another person. This could have paid for this life,'” Corral said, becoming tearful. “[He began to regret] all the things that he could have done that were in his ability to do, and he didn’t do it.”

In the same way, Corral said, we need to “live like we know that eternity is real” — right here in America.

“Why would you send missionaries all across the world to tell people about Jesus Christ when you won’t even do that faithfully in your own back yard?” he asked.

“There is so much need in our nation,” Rose stated. “We can’t be a witness if we’re just hiding behind the doors of our church.”

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