Philadelphia Abortionist’s ‘House of Horrors’ Exposed in New Online Documentary

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — An abortion facility operated by a notorious abortionist who is now facing murder charges is being exposed in a new online documentary.

The film is called 3801 Lancaster and is a look inside the house of horrors run by abortionist Kermit Gosnell, who was taken into custody in 2011 by police following the death of a 41-year-old woman.

“The 3801 Lancaster Film Project is an ongoing documentary series about Kermit Gosnell, the Women’s Medical Society, and the cover-up by state and local oversight agencies,” the film’s website explains.

Those behind the film state that there are three goals to their effort.

“First, to make the public aware of what happened at the Women’s Medical Society. Second, to give Gosnell’s victims an outlet to tell their stories,” they explain. “Third, to help find and shut down clinics that continue to operate in the same manner as the Women’s Medical Society.”

Gosnell, who ran a secret abortion facility at 3801 Lancaster Avenue in Philadelphia, was charged with eight counts of murder following his arrest: one for the woman who died under his care following a botched abortion, and seven for the babies that had died after Gosnell allegedly stabbed them in the back of the head with scissors upon delivery.

“[Investigators] found jar after jar after jar of fetal remains and specifically severed feet in jars,” explains District Attorney Seth Williams in the film. “They found medical waste bags just strewn everywhere.”

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Some became angry with the state health department for its failure to investigate and take action against Gosnell following complaints. Investigators had not been aware that Gosnell was running a late-term abortion facility, but initially visited due to suspicions about the illegal sale of controlled substances.

3801 Lancaster not only takes the viewer inside of the story from these angles, but also shares the emotional stories of two women named Davida and Makeda who had abortions at the facility themselves.

“We were so cautious, like — Wow, are we really going to ask them to share these stories with us that they haven’t told to very many people for years?” producer Jennifer Thompson told One News Now. “And then they both came and they shared with us and … as we kept in touch with them over the following months, they found that coming and sharing that story with us started them both on a journey of healing.”

“I just remember walking through and looking and seeing some women that seemed half dead,” Davida explains in the film. “There were bloody recliner chairs. There was blood all over the floor. … And I was just like, I can’t do this, and he [said], ‘Stop being a little baby.'”

“Over the next fourteen years, I had eight abortions — eight,” shares Makeda, who becomes tearful as she recounts her story. “I look back at it, and it’s like, ‘God, what was I thinking?'”

Writer and director David Altrogge states that he hopes the film will open eyes to the reality of abortion.

“I think in many ways the abortion issue has become so politicized that on both sides we’ve forgotten that there are real people involved,” he stated. “We’ve gotten into shouting match after shouting match to the point that we forget that there are real women and real children who are being hurt and whose lives are being affected.”

The film, available online at, is free for all viewers.

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  • Abortion is a sin, and against the will of God no matter what anybody might say to justify it. We have to wake up from our slumber, put on our reasoning faculty, and see through this evil that the devil sold to the world.

  • elizabeth cohen

    This is the most outrageous thing I have seen in my whole life. I would love to see the look on the face of a pro-choicer, if this does not change their way of thinking then they are just evil, period. For those of us who are pro-life, this just confirms, and justifies our feelings on this murderous practice. Of all the sin man has committed this is the one that makes God scream with anger. How dare we decide it is okay to murder a child because you can’t be bothered. How dare we, yes we, pro-lifers sit back and be a do nothing people. How dare we, as human beings be so evil! How dare we!!!!!