Georgia Middle School Teacher Investigated Over Atheist Complaint For Singing ‘Jesus’ Song to Class

Ringgold, Georgia — A middle school teacher in Georgia was recently investigated after a prominent atheist organization wrote a letter of complaint to the district superintendent because the woman allegedly sang a song about Jesus in class.

Sixth grade science teacher Heather Moorman will not be disciplined over the accusation, but the matter reported by the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) was investigated by school officials. School district spokesperson Melissa Brower confirmed to reporters that the investigation revealed that students in Moorman’s class at Lakeview Middle School had requested that she sing a song.

However, FFRF asserts that they were told by a complainant that Moorman regularly played her guitar in class and would sing songs such as “Jesus is My Savior.” It states that the unnamed individual claimed that Moorman would witness to students during school hours as well, and that several co-workers have reported her to school administrators, who have spoken to the teacher about the matter.

“Even if a student asks a teacher to sing a song, the teacher can’t sing a religious song in class. If the student asks the teacher to say a prayer, the teacher can’t say a prayer,” FFRF attorney Andrew Seidel told the Times Free Press. “I’m not looking to see that this teacher faces disciplinary action, but what this does is shows a lack of understanding of the strictures of the Constitution.”

In a letter dated February 1st, Seidel requested that Moorman be investigated for promoting Christianity in the classroom.

“We ask that you commence an immediate investigation into these allegations and take prompt action to halt religious instruction occurring at public schools in your district,” the letter stated. “If Ms. Moorman has been reprimanded or warned in the past, a more effective punishment is appropriate.”

He contended that teachers who promote religion are “interfering with the rights of students as well as the rights of  their parents to transmit religious beliefs to their children as they see fit.”

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“This promotion of religion makes non-Christian and non-religious students into outsiders in their own school,” Seidel continued. “The district must take immediate action to stop its teachers from imposing their religious beliefs and practices on their students. Teachers in your district must be directed to adhere to current law or they are not fit to teach in public schools.”

He concluded by again requesting an investigation and asking that the district outline what steps it would take to put an end to religious influence in the classroom.

In a written statement released by Brower, the school district outlined that the investigation has concluded, finding that “the students requested [that] the teacher sing a song that she had written.”

“A co-worker discussed the song with an administrator,” the statement outlined. “Administrators addressed the incident with the teacher. Administrators did not receive additional complaints about the teacher until receiving the letter from the Freedom From Religion Foundation.”

One seventh grader who had Moorman as a teacher last year told reporters that she has no problem with Moorman singing a song in class.

“I think it’s okay because it’s spiritual, and who doesn’t want to learn about God?” Janiya Young asserted. “She’s a really good teacher. She was a good teacher to me.”

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  • Jay McHue

    So, the solution to whiny atheists supposedly feeling like outsiders is to force Christians to feel like outsiders. Makes perfect sense. In Bizarro Superman world.

  • Ariel

    If atheists have the right to share their beliefs, why cant us Christians do the same? They’re trying to take God out of our schools and I personally will not stand for it. Atheists don’t have the ‘right’ to stop Christians. Good job teacher, you keep singing the song and stick to Jesus, God will protect you!

    • John

      At one time God WAS indee in the public schools. Each state enforced their religion on all the others. In New England Congregationalists prayers were said in public schools. In Pennsylvania, the Quaker religion was taught. In Maryland and Virginia Catholic catechism was obligatory. In other states it was the Church of England´s version.

      The Constitution purposely took God out of the public schools because when politics and religion are joined both suffer. No one should be forced to support or pay for someone else´s religion. Christians have to sell their religion in a free-market without government subsidy.

      Christians have no right to insist that government institutions be used to promote their religion simply because they are losing members and have run out of money.

  • Brian Westley

    Public schoolteachers can’t promote atheism in class either, but don’t let facts confuse you.

    • Riddles`

      @ Jay McHue – you aren’t being made to feel like outsiders, you are made to stop others feeling that way. How comfortable would you feel if a muslim teacher was singing and praying for their faith? You wouldn’t feel that comfortable at all, especially if most of the class were muslims too. That’s how atheists feel all the time.

      @ Ariel – The law protects the people, your god sadly doesn’t seem to protect the people in the schools. You miss the point of schools being part of the state and religion cannot be promoted by it. Your god isn’t being removed from the schools, it’s just that the teachers can’t make students pray or anything like that. The students are free to read a bible like any other book or pray when it isn’t interfering with work or anything. Nobody said that atheists have the right to stop this but rather christians don’t have the right to do it.

      @ Brian Westley – For every instance you can think of where a teacher “promotes atheism” there are over 1,000 of a teacher promoting christianity. Technically anything which doesn’t mention gods is “promoting atheism” so your maths, science and gym classes for instance are atheistic.

  • Knowledge

    Look at all these uneducated religious commenters…
    It is illegal to spread your beliefs to children in a classroom. Some students may believe in other religions or no religion, the parents may not approve, and furthering your own interests to small children is ethically void. You guys think that atheists are spreading their beliefs? That would mean that someone told these kids that there is no god. This has not happened. Instead, someone told these kids that there was a god. Why can’t Christians stop feeling persecuted whenever someone tries to promote religious equality in the classroom? Just preach to your kids at church, and stop preaching to other people’s kids. Show other people the fairness they show you.

  • teapot

    “Public schoolteachers can’t promote atheism in class either, but don’t let facts confuse you.”

    Yeap, what he said. Or you can THEY TOOK’R JESUS all day too and see how far that gets you.

  • Kelly

    You got to b kidding me! Won’t atheists let it go already?!? They whine and complain whenever we say the word Jesus!! Get over it! We have a right to sing about the Creator of the world wherever we r! Ill sing it wherever I go and no one will do anything!