Massachusetts Education Policy Mandates Allowing Boys in Girls’ Restrooms

Malden, Massachusetts — The Massachusetts Commissioner of Education has released an outline of its new school policy regarding gender equality, mandating that boys be allowed to use girls restrooms and locker rooms — and vice versa — if they contend that they prefer to identify with the opposite gender.

The 11-page document, written by Mitchell Chester, is stated to be in response to a gender identity law that was passed last July in the state.

“This guidance is intended to help school and district administrators take steps to create a culture in which transgender and gender nonconforming students feel safe, supported, and fully included, and to meet each school’s obligation to provide equal educational opportunities for all students, in compliance with G.L. c. 76, §5 and the state regulations,” it states.

As part of the outline, entitled Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity, Chester explains that students need to be permitted to use whichever bathroom or locker room they wish. He states that as long as the child asserts that they would rather identify with the  opposite gender, they should have the access that they desire.

“The responsibility for determining a student’s gender identity rests with the student,” Chester states. “A school should accept a student’s assertion of his or her gender identity when there is … ‘evidence that the gender-related identity is sincerely held as part of a person’s core identity.’”

He says that although some children may not like those of the opposite gender sharing such private and personal spaces, school officials must teach children how to overcome their feelings.

“Some students may feel uncomfortable with a transgender student using the same sex-segregated restroom, locker room or changing facility. This discomfort is not a reason to deny access to the transgender student,” the document continues. “School administrators and counseling staff should work with students to address the discomfort and to foster understanding of gender identity, to create a school culture that respects and values all students.”

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He recommended that schools have a unisex bathroom available as well so that students are presented with various options to suit their comfort.

Chester also goes on to mandate that children be addressed by their preferred gender identity and not as their birth gender, including in official school documents, and that they be referred to by their new feminine or masculine name.

“In sum, school personnel should use the student’s chosen name and pronouns appropriate to a student’s gender identity, regardless of the student’s assigned birth sex,” he states. “For those students who have been attending a school and undergo gender transition while attending the same school, it is important to develop a plan for initiating use of the chosen name and pronouns consistent with the student’s gender identity.”

WND reports that some local organizations are disturbed about the policy.

“The School Commissioner’s first duty is to protect all students, from kindergarten to grade 12, not endanger them,” remarked Kris Mineau of the Massachusetts Family Institute. “The overriding issue with this new policy is that opening girls’ bathrooms to boys is an invasion of privacy and a threat to all students’ safety.”

Democratic state Representative Colleen Garry says that she is working on an amendment to the law that would close up any loopholes allowing such situations.

“Like many of my colleagues, I am very concerned about Commissioner Chester’s directive to open public school bathrooms to all genders,” she stated. “This was not the intent of the leglislature, and we need to pass legislation that clearly defines the use of such facilities.”

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  • This is absolutely disgusting.

  • VulpesRex

    It’s cute how everyone thinks this is bad. Just wait… Ten years from now, the homo crowd will be pushing for mandatory “exploration days” in public schools. Teachers will push students to spend a day holding hands with a member of the same sex. Kids will be forced to try kissing a friend of the same sex to see if they “like it.” Condoms and ru-486 pills will be available from dispensers in the school bathrooms, and teaching the history of perversion will be more important than the history of the United States. All in the name of tolerance, open-mindedness, and diversity… Three of the most insidious and ultimately evil words in the English language.

    • ME

      Here in Brazil the government already handles condoms to small kids in schools, in machines similar to soft-drink ones. The main difference: they have to pay for the drinks only.

  • S. Abraham

    When the child becomes the basis for morality and not the Father, then abomination would be the outcome.

  • Dale N.

    Mr. Chester stated that “although some children may not like those of the opposite gender sharing such private and personal spaces, school officials must teach children how to overcome their feelings.” Here’s a unique idea Mr. Chester…how about having the school officials teach children that are so confused about what their real gender identity is how to overcome their feelings instead? That would make your and your staff’s workload much less because their are so few of those types of students with a gender identity issue…wouldn’t it? After all it’s those students that have some type of mental confusion on what sex they are. These students desperately need help, not be accommodated. This is the exception and far from the norm in our society and everyone knows it. The normal students do not need to be taught how to overcome their God given, perfectly normal and natural feelings they have about what gender they are. What about how the normal students feel about this matter? Apparently their feelings do not matter at all! Don’t they also have their right to private and personal spaces with students of like gender? How about you Mr. Chester and the lawmakers of Massachusetts…would you like a confused member of the opposite sex gawking at your daughters in the restroom or locker room? I think we all know the answer to that question, don’t we?

    I believe that God created humans in His image, intentionally male and female, each bringing unique and complementary qualities to sexuality and relationships.

    Genesis 2:7,18,21,22
    7 And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

    18 And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.

    21 And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept: and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof;

    22 And the rib, which the Lord God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man.

    Genesis 4
    1 And Adam knew Eve his wife; and she conceived, and bare Cain, and said, I have gotten a man from the Lord.

    No where is these Bible verses do i see any mention of any other gender other than a normal male and female. There’s nothing mentioned about anyone thinking in their mind or being confused about what their gender may be…is there? In fact here’s no verse in the Bible that mentions another gender of any kind!

    I rest my case.

    Oh and if you don’t believe in Jesus or what the Bible says is the absolute truth look at it this way…There’s a 50% chance you’re right by not believing what it says is true and a 50% chance you could be wrong in not believing in it…The big question is are you willing to take the chance that hell is real just like the Bible says and end up there someday? You’ve been told… You decide!

    • Autumn

      I like the argument that even if its a 50/50 chance it’s safer to go with Jesus, but I question whether you should also heed that same advice. While the bible says God created man and woman, it is completely silent as to transsexuals. Perhaps God made some people female on the inside and male on the outside? While the bible is silent as to transsexuals, Jesus’ only commandment of love for fellow humans was explicitly clear. Through His words and actions, Jesus’ message is compassionate love for all mankind. So are you willing to take the chance that perhaps God cares less about the perceived differences between us and more about how we treat each other and continue to profess angry and intolerant views of your fellow human?

  • Johnycomelately

    Mother, Father = Parent
    Sex = Gender
    Sovereign = Citizen
    Natural law = Administrative law
    Child = Ward of the State
    Marriage = State License

    The socialists have won.