The New Modern Family? Woman and Two Men Raise Son in ‘Polyamorous’ Relationship

LOS ANGELES — ABC News recently aired a segment about a woman involved in what is called a polyamorous relationship — living with multiple boyfriends or girlfriends under one roof.

The woman, identified as Jaiya, began by living with her boyfriend Jon. However, because Jaiya wanted to have children and Jon didn’t, he suggested that she bring someone else into the picture that would conceive with her.

Therefore, Jaiya brought home Ian, and the two had a little boy together. Both Ian and Jon are raising the child, and Jon quit his job to stay home with him.

“I’m looking for what helps me to be the best human that I can possibly be,” Jaiya told reporters. “I stopped searching for ‘the one.’ I can have the one, and I can also have the one, and the one and the one.”

Jaiya works as a professional sexologist, giving sexual advice to others. She admits to having sexual relations with both men, and states that while Jon now wants other children, she does not.

“There’s a part of me that wants to go back to “That was MY girlfriend,” Jon said.

However, according to the ABC report, Jon is now looking for a second girlfriend, and Ian already has another relationship on the side.

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Jaiya said that the family structure has taken a lot of new forms in recent years, so she does not see a problem with living with two boyfriends.

“What is the modern family today?” she asked. “We’ve got step-moms and step-dads; we’ve got gay parents raising children… The family today is a different thing than what it was years ago.”

Ian made similar comments when asked what he would say to those who believe his polyamorous relationship is immoral.

“Thank you for sharing your opinion,” he said. “We’re not here to convert people and tell people that monogamy is wrong.”

ABC notes that there are an estimated 500,000 polyamorous relationships in the nation. One viewer, named Anne, called the comments from other viewers who spoke against polyamory “hateful.”

“I’m in a poly relationship right now and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been,” she asserted. “I don’t expect other people to ‘get it’ right away or at all, but I do expect them to mind their own business if they don’t want to approach it with an open mind.”

Another viewer named Lisa admitted she also had a similar arrangement.

“I’m in a polyamorous relationship too, and they make it seem way more complicated than it is,” she wrote. “Monogamy is great, but I had thought we had finally advanced enough that non-monogamy can become a norm.”

However, some strongly disagreed.

“Arrangements like this never end well for all involved,” wrote one commenter. “This is total chaos.”

“It is adultery in God’s eyes,” stated another. “That is not a modern family. Family by God’s laws and standards is one man, one woman. Not two men [and] one woman, or two women and one man, or two men [and] two women. The rest is called by God ‘abomination’ and will not enter the Kingdom of God.”

“Doesn’t the Scripture warn about this for that one reason?”added a third viewer. “This can lead to psychological problems either in one or both men, or all three people. Even some problems in the child or children if there are more. America is out of control, and if we’re not careful, this country will [end up] like Rome. I think I can see what was one reason why Rome fell.”

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