Republicans to File Supreme Court Brief in Support of Same-Sex ‘Marriage’

Washington, D.C. — A number of recognized Republicans have signed their name to a Supreme Court brief expressing their support for same-sex marriage.

The Proposition 8 amicus brief, which will be filed this week before the February 28th deadline, is said to be backed by several former Bush advisers, former governors, U.S. Congressmen and other prominent Republican entities.

“Like a lot of the country, my views have evolved on this from the first day I set foot in Congress,” stated former Congresswoman Deborah Pryce, who added her name to the document. “I think it’s just the right thing, and I think it’s on solid legal footing, too.”

Others who are involved with the filing include Stephen Hadley, former security adviser to George W. Bush, former justice department official James Coney, former commerce secretary Carlos Gutierrez, and former Reagan budget director David Stockman. Former New Jersey governor Christine Todd Whitman, former Massachusetts governors William Weld and Jane Wift, and former California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman are all among the signees as well.

According to reports, the effort was spearheaded by Ken Mehlman, who served as the chairman of the Republican National Committee for a time during the second term of George W. Bush and also worked as a Bush campaign adviser. Mehlman announced that he was a homosexual following his departure from the Committee.

“We are trying to say to the court that we are judicial and political conservatives, and it is consistent with our values and philosophy for you to overturn Proposition 8,” he told reporters.

In the brief, the Republicans assert that same-sex nuptials are harmonious with the conservative values of “limited government and maximizing individual freedom.”

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However, as previously reported, over two dozen individuals and organizations have filed contrary briefs with the court supporting Biblical marriage. According to Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), which is at the forefront of the cases currently before the court, attorney generals from 19 states have filed joint briefs with the Supreme Court in favor of marriage remaining between a man and woman, and at least four legal organizations discussed the religious liberty concerns that the legalization of homosexual “marriage” would raise.

Additionally, three African American groups explained to the court their belief that homosexuality cannot be compared to matters of race or interracial marriage. Approximately 37 legal scholars contended that the states should have the right to preserve marriage and not be forced to do otherwise, and 17 judges and scholars spoke of how international law does not support redefining marriage. Self-identified homosexual and bisexual individuals also expressed their support for leaving marriage the way it has been from the beginning of creation.

The United States Supreme Court is scheduled to hear oral argument in both the Proposition 8 and Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) cases next month and rule on the matter in June. The matter surrounding Proposition 8 hails back to 2008 when voters in California were presented with a ballot initiative asking if residents wished to enshrine marriage in the state as being between a man and woman. The measure, which sought to add an amendment to the state Constitution to protect the Biblical definition of marriage from infringement, passed by five percentage points.

Efforts to overturn Proposition 8 in the courts have been led by attorney Theodore Olsen, the former solicitor general under George W. Bush.

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  • Jodi Taylor

    By accepting homosexual marriage to be recognized as legal, you are inviting God’s punishment upon our Country. The President say’s we are no longer a Christian Nation, but within my heart he is very wrong. And you are also by filing this brief. Shame on you!

    • mary simon

      There is no fear of God in Washington D.C. and we will all suffer dearly for that fact.

  • mary simon

    With no apologies to Deborah Pryce, biblical truth doesn’t change with the times. The word of our God stands forever. Homosexuality is a sin and even if the whole world said it wasn’t a sin that wouldn’t change the truth of scripture.