Tebow to Liberty University Students: ‘Don’t Judge’

Lynchburg, Virginia — While speaking to students at Liberty University today, New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow advised those gathered that Christians are “not to judge” others.

Tebow was speaking at the university’s “Convocation Series,” which features “guest speakers of national significance from every sphere of society” each week.

During the question and answer period, Liberty University Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr. presented Tebow with a question about how Christians are often viewed as being intolerant. Christian News Network has obtained audio of the segment.

“You hear a lot of claims in the media and from the secular world about how intolerant Christians are, and I’ve noticed it just seems to be the opposite,” Falwell stated. “Liberty students seem to be more welcoming, more tolerant of different types of people than people I encounter in the national media. Have you seen that as well? I mean, it just seems like Christians get the blame when they are really the most loving group and they’re called haters. And I just don’t see that among Christians.”

Tebow replied by advising that Christians should not judge, and should rather share their faith by building relationships.

“We should be. I know that. We should be, because we’re here to love, not to judge,” he said. “Not to make others feel inadequate, but to let them see how big our God is — how awesome our God is — and let them see that relationship with us.”

“And everyday, we should share the Gospel, and every now and then, use words. That doesn’t mean that we always have to be sharing our faith with people, but it does mean we have to live it out in front of them, because that’s how you really influence people — is by loving them and caring about them, and creating relationships,” Tebow continued. “And through that, they can see there’s something different about you. What is it? I can tell you about it. It’s my relationship with Christ.”

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Tebow had been criticized for choosing to speak at the event at Liberty University, mainly from homosexual advocates who disdain the university’s beliefs that homosexuality is sinful. He has also been making headlines recently for canceling a speaking engagement at a church that is regarded by some as being controversial.

As previously reported, the New York Jets quarterback was to speak at a celebration service for a new $130 million facility belonging to First Baptist Church of Dallas, an effort that is said to be the largest church building project in history. However, following word that Tebow was to make an appearance at the grand opening of the facility, many homosexual advocates and other groups began to express concern because of statements that the pastor, Robert Jeffress, had made in the past. Jeffress reportedly has noted that he believes homosexual behavior is contrary to the Bible, and has spoken against Mormons, Muslims, Jews and Catholics.

Days later, Tebow announced on Twitter that he had canceled the appearance.

“While I was looking forward to sharing a message of hope and Christ’s unconditional love with the faithful members of the historic First Baptist Church of Dallas in April, due to new information that has been brought to my attention, I have decided to cancel my upcoming appearance,” he wrote. “I will continue to use the platform God has blessed me with to bring faith, hope and love to all those needing a brighter day. Thank you for all of your love and support. God bless!”

Photo: Craig O’Neal

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  • Righteousness is living by God’s standards of right and wrong and humanists don’t want to answer to God or anyone else about their Godless conduct. That’s why they relentlessly attack the Word of God because IT PLAINLY SAYS WHAT IS MORALLY RIGHT AND WRONG.

    In Washington D.C. there is a Department of Weights and Measures. This department exists so that sixteen ounces of bologna in Texas is sixteen ounces of bologna in California.

    God has a Department of Standards too. It’s called the Word of God. Sin in Texas is sin in California and it is sin in Europe. Distance, time or social morays DO NOT ALTAR GOD’S STANDARD OF RIGHTEOUSNESS. God does not have different strokes for different folks.

    Why is it that someone who disagrees with you on morals or biblical passages will say,” DON’T JUDGE ME”….Hey, I am not judging, I am just checking out your fruit. What constitutes judging and what constitutes fruit inspection? Judging is when you have two Christians side by side and you make an inward decision as to which one of them is the most spiritual. That’s not judging. Only God can see the heart and know the motive.

    When Al Capone and Mother Teresa stand side by side and Al tells you not to judge him for his lying, rape, murder, tax evasion, etc., you are not judging him when you call him a child of the devil. That’s what he is. His fruit declares it and for you to say anything else would place your intelligence in question. Everyone preaching or sharing the gospel is not practicing the gospel.
    John hagee

  • Kostya

    Actually we ARE to judge with a righteous judgment! Another hogwash from a professing “Christian” about building relationships with nonbelievers first before sharing the Gospel which actually can be found NOWHERE in the Bible. Shame on you Mr Tebow! Repent of your sins, deny yourself, take up your cross and stand up for righteousness! Your American costless Christianity will not cut on Judgment Day, that’s for sure…

  • TheBottomline4This

    Wrong Tebow. We are to judge…Biblically.
    youtube dot com/watch?v=_7UryDFwEhQ
    gotquestions dot org/do-not-judge dot html