Oregon Teacher Escorted From High School By Police For Opposing Planned Parenthood in Classroom

Portland, Oregon — An Oregon high school teacher was escorted from the building by police this week over what is believed to be related to his continued opposition to Planned Parenthood’s presence in the classroom.

Bill Diss is a math and computer science teacher at Benson High School in Portland, and has taught at the school for 11 years. Diss has also become known in the school for his opposition to Planned Parenthood since 2007, when he first began organizing efforts during after-school hours to stop the furtherance of the abortion provider in the community.

“I certainly fight Planned Parenthood, which I certainly have a right to do,” he told reporters this week following the incident. “And that was all on the outside, until [last] year when they brought Planned Parenthood [into the school].”

According to reports, last year, Planned Parenthood of Columbia Williamette began promoting its Teen Outreach Program (TOP) at Benson High School where Diss is employed as a teacher. In September, two representatives from the organization showed up at Diss’ classroom as they were hoping to speak to students. However, he would not let the representatives enter and asked them to leave.

Planned Parenthood of Columbia Williamette is behind a youth sex campaign called “Take Care Down There,” which includes a website that features a warning that the content is for “mature” viewers before guests are allowed to enter. The site includes such controversial skits as “Hot and Heavy,” “Bring Your Sister,” “Threesome” and “The Down There Song,” as well as other titles that are too graphic for Christian News Network to repeat.

Following Diss’ refusal to allow the representatives into his classroom, the principal and vice principal of the school paid Diss a visit and temporarily removed him from the class. The next day, he was forced to sit in on a Planned Parenthood presentation.

“They were extremely aggressive in obtaining the children’s signatures by promising them all sorts of gifts and cash,” Diss said.

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Later, Diss also took issue with TOP permission forms that were being sent home with some students that had his name on them. His attorney contacted Planned Parenthood and the school demanding that they retract statements on the form that appeared as if Diss approved of the program. They threatened a lawsuit, stating that Diss was being harassed for his beliefs about the organization.

Ever since, Diss says that the school has been sending him regular notes that question his teaching skills and methods. He has been required to attend numerous hearings, and was told two weeks ago that his teaching contract would not be renewed.

On Tuesday, administrators notified Diss that he was being placed on administrative leave “pending a recommendation to the superintendent that you be dismissed from your employment with Portland public schools for reasons that have been discussed with you.” He told reporters that he was given a few minutes to gather his belongings before he was escorted out by police and asked not to return.

One student told local television station KGW that at times students mocked Diss, a Roman Catholic, for his pro-life views.

“He doesn’t do it a lot, but students do make fun of him for … being against [abortion] and everything,” explained Ty’sha Harrell, a junior. “When he does talk about it, he does have … really good views and everything, but sometimes he goes too deep into it. He brings religion into it.”

The teacher is on paid leave, and he fears that he will be permanently fired. The school is not revealing much information at this time.

“We do not discuss the nature of personnel issues and actions out of respect for the individual,” representatives wrote in a statement this week after Diss was escorted from school. “But I can tell you that we respect the rights of all employees to their own political, religious, social and other beliefs and affiliations and expect all employees to conduct themselves professionally in their work, most especially with students.”

“[Apparently], it is much more important for the school to have Planned Parenthood at Benson than it is to have a teacher teach computer science and math,” Diss said.

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  • Olayiwola folashade

    That is rubbish

  • Philip

    Abortion is an abomination. They take our tax dollars to fund the big abortion industry, they push it on our kids, and they harass and try to silence us for dissenting. Well guess what, we’ll never stop. They can never silence us.

  • Homeschooling is illegal in Germany. Who’s next? Think it can’t happen here? Think again.

  • CoastRanger

    I hope Diss prevails but he may be “technically” in the wrong because in a public school the curriculum is set by the School Board, not the individual teacher. Of course, in a place like Portland, Oregon, progressives have wide latitude to depart from the established curriculum to bash conservatives, but not the other way around. I’m not defending PP at all. Their presentation was both evil and disgusting.

  • Fred

    Diss may be able to get a good job at a private Christian school.

    Barack O’bortion is trying to force Christians to pay for things via insurance premiums that are imoral–this may force some schools to close.

    Eliminating all voices of dissent is of course the goal of despots such as Barack Husein O’bortion.

  • Susan

    Government has to be taken out of the public schools and parents need local control which includes control over curricula. To allow these Marxists to use ‘operant conditioning’ to force immorality on vulnerable children is obscene. To Promote Virtue (Excellence) is the purpose of education—this was know in Western Civilization since Socrates and reiterated by the Founders. Destroying Virtue (Excellence) in children by promoting Vice is actually unconstitutional. Justice is about promoting Virtue, never Vice. Killing babies and sodomizing others are evil, vile acts and against Natural Law and God’s Laws.

    The “system”–has to be destroyed and given back to parental control so our children aren’t programmed and conditioned by evil strangers (like Billy Ayers) in a way that destroys Reason and Logic. Classical Education was kicked out by the Fabian Socialist John Dewey to create a communist state. Little Marxists (non-thinking ACORN thugs) are what these indoctrination centers are producing.

    Sex Ed was invented by the evil Cultural Marxists to destroy Virtue (Lukacs, Adorno, Gramsci) to collapse Western Civilzation. The only reason for education is to promote Virtue—which is excellence and Wisdom. This was destroyed by a Marxist infiltration and DOE. Iserbyt and Eakman explain the destruction of curricula, to create stupid, ignorant sex-obsessed, drug addicted zombies. Adam Lanza is no accident.

  • Ron Dixon

    Planned Parenthood was created for the purpose of reducing the population of the so called “undesired population” of the inner city gettos. this was in the 1920’s. It’s founder believed in eugenics. She was was a fan of Adolph Hitler, but felt his methods a little extreme. Planned parenthood has been very effective and has reduced the Black population from 20 to 30 million people since 1967. Planned Parenthood is commiting genocide of our black population, and they are willing particpants.

    • ministercreek

      Well put Ron Dixon!

  • chuckles1954

    If you are able, Please home school your children. Private school is an option, but IMO, homeschool is best. Home schooled Christian children are the nations only hope now. It’s gone WAY to far to fix. To believe that your school is somehow different is just foolish. To believe that your Christian children will somehow “save” the other children is also foolish. Your Christian child will be thrown into the same pit with the rest of the demons to be squashed like a bug. Do not send your child anywhere God is not welcomed. Your asking a lot to think your 11 year old will change the whole school. The WILL end up thinking just like all the others and say their parents are crazy.

  • w

    I always felt late term abortion was out of the question but early on before 3 months was ok.
    I started looking at the internet for the different stages of fetal development because my daughter called and told me she was expecting and was 3 months along. she sent me the ultrasound.

    I looked to see at what stage exactly the baby was at.
    and of course spiced into the site were pictures of abortioned babies not more than the length of a finger long. Cut into pieces and then pieced back together in the gloved hand of the dr. It wasn’t but 3 inches long but I could tell it was a baby, the little head and belly the little arms and legs.

    It was the first time that I had seen an early abortion. I thought it was a blob of cells. it is not. it was a baby.

    I have 4 children and 4 grand children. I was sad to think I may have said to someone once just have an abortion. and I wondered then if any one had ever taken my advice. If I had been the cause of someone killing their child.

    My mind has changed forever, abortion is a very sad way to fix a mistake. Teaching children to abstain or methods to not get pregnant is fine with me, but planned parenthood is in the abortion business.

    I don’t agree with their methods. I have watched undercover visits to planned parenthood and they do not police themselves. They allow late term abourtions and selective abortions based on the childs sex and also abort babies on babies 15 and under, it is not right.

    My daughter is a high risk pregnancy due to her health, she has colitis, and as much as I wanted to say abort the baby save yourself. I told her you’re going to make a great mom.

  • The description of what happened to Mr. Diss is very reminiscent of a great Jimmy Stewart movie, “The Mortal Storm,” where a Jewish professor was similarly escorted from the classroom. In the movie, the professor “disappeared,” and his family was ostracized (to say the least). In today’s similar universe . . . what will the next steps be? We have the first step in Mr. Diss’ being escorted from the classroom *by the police!*

    Is that alone not frightening enough?

    How much more needs to be shown by these people to get the American people to understand what is going on in our country? How much more will it take for Americans to stand up and shout “Enough! We are Americans. We are not socialists, on the down slope to communism!!” Is not an episode like this, like removing “Easter,” like censoring Christmas, like denigrating religion enough?

    I say it is enough!