Kentucky School District Caves to Atheist Demands to Remove Ten Commandments From Public Schools

Jackson, Kentucky — A school district in Kentucky has caved to demands from a prominent atheist activist organization surrounding the display of the Ten Commandments in public schools.

Schools within the Breathitt County School District have displayed the Ten Commandments on the walls of their classrooms for many years — that is, until now. Recently, an individual contacted the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) to complain about the displays and noted that they can be seen in elementary, middle and high schools alike. In response, FFRF contacted the district to demand that the Biblically-based laws be removed.

“These Ten Commandment displays are a flagrant violation of the Establishment Clause of the United States Constitution,” the letter, penned by FFRF attorney Patrick Elliott, stated. “Any student will view a Ten Commandments display in school as being endorsed by the school. … Breathitt County Schools’ promotion of the Judeo-Christian Bible and religion over non-religion impermissibly turns any non-Christian or non-believing student, parent or staff member into an outsider.”

“It is unfortunate that past school leadership sought to instruct other people’s children on religious edicts,” it continued. “We consider such violations of conscience as requiring speedy resolution.”

Therefore, FFRF demanded that the Commandments be “removed immediately” and that schools within the district “ensure that children are learning in a secular environment.”

Upon receipt of the letter, officials with the Breathitt County School District agreed to comply with the atheist order and directed principals within the district to take down all displays from classroom, lobby and conference room walls.

“The display of religious materials, such as a painting of a religious figure or a copy of the Ten Commandments, in a public school violates the U.S. Constitution’s prohibition on the establishment or endorsement of religion by a public agency,” the Kentucky Board of Education conceded in a recent statement. “A school or district that displays copies of the Ten Commandments without the inclusion of other historical documents and not as part of a historical/comparative display is in violation of the U.S. Constitution.”

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“The Kentucky Department of Education’s focus in Breathitt County is on student achievement and college and career readiness and using its resources to support those efforts,” it said.

However, some area residents are now upset about the removal of the Commandments and believe that school officials should have the freedom to choose whether or not to display the laws of the Creator in their classrooms.

“I am totally against [their removal],” Mary Campbell, owner of Old Country Restaurant, told television station WYMT-TV. “I think that we need the Ten Commandments in the schools. I think all kids should learn it.”

Campbell herself has displayed the Ten Commandments in the window of her restaurant in the past.

“It makes me angry,” a second resident added. “I want my grandchildren to have a Christian upbringing.”

The Ten Commandments have now been taken down as per the FFRF order.

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  • Bob Johnson

    It would really be a shame if students saw a display of the Ten Commandments, was influenced by them to love God, honor parents, not kill, not commit adultery,not lie and not steal,ect. That would really destroy our society. These God haters only operate in a society they will protect them while they try to dismantle the very foundation that has provided them freedom to do their dirty work. I recognize this battle will have to be won in the Supreme Court, since they opened up this door, they will have to close it. If we lose the battle to keep this Christian Society in tact do you think the atheist will put their life on the line under Sharia law to fight for a secular society; I think not.

    • Frank Dorka

      There again you equate liberty and freedom with Christian society. Any educated American knows that this country was founded on principles that could be acceopted by most religions and theocracies as well as non-believers. Had nothing to do directly with Christians. Most founding fathers were deists and dedicated to the separation of church and state. Bettter fo you to get your history from a book than from the pulpit.

      • Bob Johnson

        Sir: You are very poorly informed and and have no idea what you’re talking about. Your liberal-progressive education has left you with impaired judgment. You don’t know the difference between a deist and an un-denomination stance. You need to read the real history of our founders not the rewritten history. This nation was founded on Biblical principals and true history will prove that fact. But let me encourage you to keep kicking the Christian faith; do your best to shut it down you are doing us a favor, we are waking up to what is really going on. You’ll help bring Revival to a nation that is getting hungry for Truth.

    • Kenton Forshee

      The first commandment is anti-Freedom of Religion and therefore anti-American. Explain that one.

  • Dissolution of America….

    “…a covenant gives ground of civil action and claim to a people…” Samuel Rutherford, Lex, Rex,

    Society is established by contact and a contract is a covenant. I am covenanted, that is, I have a contract with every citizen and every citizen has a contract with me, and by this contract we form a political union; we form a civil society. A social contract specifies the foundation and source of our rights and obligations; it is a testimony of faith, a belief in specific principles. If I or my neighbor fail to uphold these established principles based on faith, then the contract is violated and our political union is dissolved.

    Justice Clark:”Nothing can destroy a government more quickly than its failure to observe its own laws, or worse, its disregard of the charter of its own existence.” Mapp v Ohio

    In America, my contract with every other citizens is called the “Unanimous Declaration of the Thirteen States” and its stated rights and required obligations,its very word, is enforced through an instrument called a constitution. Our mutual contract, the Declaration of 1776, declares that we have rights that are inalienable because the come form higher source, our Creator, and it also informs me that as nation our “rectitude” or moral standard is also from a divine source, the Supreme Judge of the world. Our social compact informs me of what I may expect from my neighbors and what my neighbors ought to expect from me. Accordingly, I have a right to have the name of God declared in our public councils because our social compact declares that our political society is based on the “Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.” If you or any member of society deny me this right or if I deny you this right, by my actions or suffrage, our compact is violated and our union is dissolved. Also in our compact, I have a right to “inalienable rights” as granted by our Creator, and if out of ignorance, apathy or negligence you deny me my right or if I deny you this right, then our civil society is no more. Again, according to our mutual compact, I have a right that our public councils and public institutions base their “rectitude” according to our Supreme Judge, and if you are ignorant, apathetic or negligent in your personal commitment to my right then our contract is broken and we are no longer members of the same community.

    Today, folly follows the inclinations of American’s sovereign “We the People” who daily trample under foot their commitment to each other according to their social compact, and with blindness to its blessings and with failure to understand its value, they actually seek to throw away a Union. To trample under foot the contract that gave them unity, prosperity and blessings – that made their cities the envy of the world – that guided their public councils with decency, and established their liberty.

    If secular humanists and Atheists in America hate America’s social compact, the Declaration of Independence, and want a new one without God, Creator or Supreme Judge, I will not be a member. I will not agree to serve a different god or have man as god as the highest authority over our public councils. I will not be party to a compact that exchanges a moment of prayer to God for a moment of silence to the gay community in our public schools. I will not join you in electing to office those who believe in evolution when our social compact says “all men are created…” I will not be in an agreement with you that sanctions diversity of lifestyles while condemning marriage between a man and woman. I am perfectly satisfied with the social compact my forefathers gave me, but I am not satisfied that it is being violated by citizens who fail to know my rights, who insult my heritage and attack the character of our founders who gave us blessing after blessing, and these insults come from people who never read theirs letters nor considered their character in light of the age they were born. If you do not what to continue in our social compact then consider your violations of it a dissolution of our political union, as for me, I will uphold my duties and obligations with those who want to continue in the prosperity, safety and decency of a nation under God. Visit See Article VIII to the US Constitution. It restores the principles of the Declaration of Independence.

  • Jan

    It’s amazing how atheists employ the machinery of state to establish their atheist religion.