Attorney for ‘House of Horrors’ Abortionist Claims Prosecutors Have ‘Racist’ Motive Behind Charges

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — As closing arguments were presented in the case of a notorious Philadelphia abortionist that is facing multiple counts of first degree murder, along with other state and federal charges, the attorney for Kermit Gosnell told the jury that he believed his client was being targeted because he is a black man that works in a poor community.

“Dr. Gosnell is not the only one doing abortions in Philadelphia,” Jack McMahon stated, “but he was an African American singled out for prosecution.”

“We know why he was targeted,” he continued. “If you can’t see that reality, you’re living in some sort of la-la land.”

McMahon further claimed that the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office “tried to manipulate everybody” and was purposefully lodging an “elitist, racist prosecution.” District Attorney Seth Williams is himself an African American.

“I want you to have the courage to say ‘no’ to the government,” McMahon declared during his two-hour plea to the the jury.

He acknowledged, however, that Gosnell performed abortions beyond the legal limit of 24 weeks, and that operations at Women’s Medical Society were shoddy. On the other hand, McMahon continued to assert as he had done throughout the trial that none of the babies for which Gosnell is being charged were alive at birth.

“It is a fabrication, a political fabrication,” he contended. “[This is] the most incredible rush to judgment that I have ever seen in the history of jurisprudence.”

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Assistant District Attorney Ed Camera also spoke to the jurors on Monday, putting on 4 hours of closing argument. He asked the court speak on behalf of the children who lost their lives at Gosnell’s hands.

“Show the courage to tell him he was wrong,” he proclaimed. “Be their voice.”

Camera noted that one of Gosnell’s assistants had characterized his job at the abortion facility as being like “a fireman in Hell” trying to deal with agonized and bloodied women.

“He’s the captain of that Hell,” he declared, pointing at Gosnell. “It is time for us to extinguish that Hell.”

“He created an assembly line because he didn’t care about these babies and these women,” Camera stated. “When a baby comes out of its mother and it breathes and it’s alive, you have to have the courage to do the right thing.”

Camera told the story of when he had to put his dog down at his veterinarian’s office, and contended that his dog received better care than a human being.

“My dog was treated better than those babies and women,” he lamented.

“Are you human?” Camera asked Gosnell, who gave no response nor showed any type of reaction.

Camera also asserted that the babies discussed during the trial were indeed live at birth, or else Gosnell would not have snipped their necks with scissors to ensure “fetal demise.”

The jury began deliberations today, and will release a verdict when a consensus is reached.

As previously reported, abortionist Kermit Gosnell, 72, was taken into custody in 2011 following an investigation into his practice called the Women’s Medical Society. Investigators had not initially been aware that Gosnell was running a late-term abortion facility, but visited the location over suspicions about the illegal sale of controlled substances.

Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams, who initially leveled the charges against the abortionist, described Gosnell’s operation two years ago as a “House of Horrors.”

“[Investigators] found jar after jar after jar of fetal remains and specifically severed feet in jars,” he explained in front of a panel following the compilation of the Grand Jury Report. “They found medical waste bags just strewn everywhere.”

Williams also outlined that several babies had been found with their spinal cords severed. It was believed that Gosnell birthed a number of babies alive, then “snipped” the back of their neck with scissors in order to kill them.

He now faces four counts of first-degree murder — the most severe charge, which signifies that the acts were premeditated — for the deaths of babies who were believed to have died in this manner.

Gosnell also has been accused of one count of third-degree murder for the death of 41-year-old Karnamaya Mongar, an abortion client who died after she was administered a lethal amount of medication. A host of other charges have also been leveled against the abortionist.

Gosnell could face the death penalty for his crimes if convicted.

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