Jurors in Trial of Convicted ‘House of Horrors’ Abortionist Speak Out: ‘He Sat There Smirking’

Gosnell video stillPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania — Three jurors in the trial of convicted Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell spoke to reporters on Wednesday, outlining their viewpoints, conclusions and reflections on the case.

David Misko, Sarah Glinksi and Joseph Carroll spoke outside of the Philadelphia Criminal Justice Center, all in agreement that they made the right decision.

“It wasn’t easy, but we did the best with all of the information we got,” said Misko, the foreman. “Once we figured out what happened, it was easy to determine between first and third degree murder.”

He stated that it was apparent that the murders were premeditated.

“It was just business as usual and he slit the necks no matter what happened,” Misko explained.

Glinksi advised that since she is not yet a mother, it helped her to analyze the case fairly.

“It was almost easier for me to detach myself emotionally and look strictly at the evidence because of that,” she said.

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But juror Joseph Carroll said that he believed that Gosnell is not the only one who should be charged in the case. He opined that the mothers who knowingly came for an illegal late-term abortion should also be penalized.

“I really believed that they didn’t care,” Caroll said. “They didn’t want a child and they found a service that was going to rectify that situation.”

Misko told reporters that it disturbed him to observe Gosnell’s facial expressions throughout the trial.

“He gave me nothing to give him an impression on, he just sat there for the past eight weeks smirking,” he explained. “The guy fights for his life and he sits back and smirks. It doens’t rub you the right way.”

Gosnell’s attorney, Jack McMahon, also spoke outside of the courthouse to present the abortionist’s viewpoint of the case.

“[H]e believes that what he did was not commit homicide,” McMahon said. “He believes he never killed a live baby.”

“Dr. Gosnell is far from a monster and this was not a house of horrors,” he asserted. “Dr. Gosnell truly believes in himself and things he’s done but at this point, the jury has spoken … He’s resigned and accepted his fate.”

As previously reported, Gosnell was found guilty on Monday of the majority of the charges against him, including three counts of first degree murder in the deaths of newborn babies, and one count of involuntary manslaughter in the death of a woman that died while obtaining an abortion at his “House of Horrors.”

The seven women and five men on the jury came to a consensus after 10 days of deliberation, the majority of whom professed to be pro-abortion. The verdict was read aloud for all counts before being made public.

Gosnell was found not guilty in the death of one baby, who was allegedly heard screeching before his or her death. Nine other counts, including the murder of three other newborn babies, had been dropped by Judge Jeffrey Minehart last month.

The abortionist faced 263 charges in all, including racketeering and performing illegal late-term abortions. He was found guilty of the majority of these charges, including operating a “corrupt organization” and conspiracy, as well as one count of infanticide. All charges involving the deaths of babies centered solely on those believed to have been murdered after birth, as opposed to an in utero abortion.

As previously reported, Gosnell, 72, was taken into custody in 2011 following an investigation into his practice called the Women’s Medical Society. Investigators had not initially been aware that Gosnell was running a late-term abortion facility, but visited the location over suspicions about the illegal sale of controlled substances.

Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams, who initially leveled the charges against the abortionist, described Gosnell’s operation two years ago as a “House of Horrors.”

“[Investigators] found jar after jar after jar of fetal remains and specifically severed feet in jars,” he explained in front of a panel following the compilation of the Grand Jury Report. “They found medical waste bags just strewn everywhere.”

Following the verdict, Williams said that he was satisfied with the outcome of the case.

“Today marks the end of a long, sad chapter in Philadelphia’s history,” he stated. “I’ve seen a lot of senseless violence and cruel acts during my short tenure as the Philadelphia District Attorney. This case is arguably the most gruesome, the most vile.”

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