Latest Ray Comfort Film to ‘Shatter the Faith of the Average Believer in Evolution’

Still ShotBELLFLOWER, Cal. – A major evangelistic ministry is preparing to launch a 30-minute documentary that Christian leaders say will offer a “devastating,” “lights out” challenge to the evolutionary worldview.

Living Waters, a California-based ministry founded by influential evangelist Ray Comfort, has produced several groundbreaking resources over the years, including The Evidence Bible and “The Way of the Master” evangelism course. In late 2011, the ministry released the phenomenally successful abortion documentary “180,” which has since generated over four million YouTube views and nearly one million DVD sales.

Last week, Living Waters unveiled the trailer for their latest project, a video titled “Evolution vs. God.” Already the promotional clip has generated approximately 50,000 views, and that play count continues to rapidly escalate with each passing day. Not only are many Christians eager to see the film, but Comfort told Christian News Network that it has also created “a buzz in the atheist community.”

The main premise behind “Evolution vs. God” is that top evolutionary scientists cannot convincingly support their theory, and instead rely heavily on unfounded assumptions. Even when Comfort personally interviews influential evolutionists from major universities in the film (such as well-known atheist PZ Myers), they are unable to satisfyingly answer Comfort’s prodding questions.

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“As you will see on “Evolution vs. God,”” Comfort stated, “not one of the experts could give me a whisper of evidence for Darwinian evolution. The movie is going to shatter the faith of the average believer in evolution, and strengthen the faith of every Christian.”

Comfort is hoping “Evolution vs. God” will prove to be an influential weapon in the battle against current moral deterioration, much like “180” was a powerful voice against the horrors of abortion.

“In 180 we showed how Hitler got rid of the Ten Commandments and the God of the Bible,” he remarked, “but we didn’t bring out how he used Darwinian evolution to open the floodgates to the holocaust. Today, atheists are pushing Darwin’s little theory and it has opened the floodgates to abortion, fornication, pornography, homosexuality and adultery. If there is no God and we are just primates, then there’s no ultimate right and wrong. Anything goes as long as it gets society’s smile. 180 looked at one symptom. ‘Evolution vs. God’ looks at the cause.”

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Not only does Comfort tactically lead the evolutionary scientists to admit that their theory requires copious measures of blind faith, but he also pries similar confessions out of several college students. In one scene, for instance, a young man admits that his belief in the evolutionary theory is “similar” to a religious conviction.

“I haven’t seen [evolution] myself,” he states, “but I believe what the textbooks tell me about it … I have faith in the experts. I guess similar to how religious people have faith that God actually exists, I have faith in the experts knowing what they’re talking about.”

Though “Evolution vs. God” will not be available for public viewing until July 11th, several notable Christian leaders who have seen previews of the film say that it is outstanding. Bruce Garner described it as “absolutely devastating” to the evolutionary worldview. Randy Alcorn noted that “every student and ever parent should watch it!” And Todd Friel enthusiastically proclaimed, “Kaboom! Pow! Lights out! Party’s over!”

The release of the “Evolution vs. God” trailer comes shortly after the debut of “The Unbelievers”—a highly-publicized documentary featuring evolutionists Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss. According to the film’s website, “The Unbelievers” follows Dawkins and Krauss across the world as they speak at various locations, “encouraging others to cast off antiquated religious and politically motivated approaches toward important current issues.”

However, Comfort says “Evolution vs. God” will be a powerful voice in the debate against evolutionists like Dawkins and Krauss, because it fills a largely empty void in the creation/evolution debate.

“Most Christian videos on the subject of evolution normally look at what evolution says and then have a creationist expert dismantle it,” he remarked. “That’s very effective. But what ‘Evolution vs. God’ does that is unique is that we didn’t interview anyone who believed in Intelligent Design. Every person interviewed believes in evolution…and they are the ones who show that evolution is a fairytale for grownups. This is going to put a massive weapon in the hands of parents in their battle for their kids, because it exposes evolution, using their [own] experts.”

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