Evolution-Supporting History Textbook Generates Controversy in Maryland School District

History textbookSALISBURY, Md. – The president of a public school board in southeastern Maryland generated considerable attention and criticism when he recently took issue with a claim from a textbook that his school district might soon use for history classes.

Ron Willey, president of the Wicomico County Board of Education (WCBE), has served on the school board since mid-2007. According to his professional profile on the school’s website, Willey has had well over 40 years of experience in the Wicomico County Public School System, which educates approximately 15,000 students. He is also a member of a local Nazarene church.

Recently, WCBE members met to discuss a history book titled Ways of the World: A Brief Global History with Sources. The book is designed to give students the “big picture” of world history, and is currently under consideration for usage in Wicomico’s 11th and 12th grade Advanced Placement classes.

However, Willey recently voiced his disapproval of a sentence in the very first chapter of the history book that mentions evolution.

“Ever since Charles Darwin,” the sentence reads, “most scholars have come to view human beginnings in the context of biological change on the planet.”

Later in the same paragraph, the book’s author asserts that the “evolutionary line of descent” of humans and chimpanzees “diverged” 5 to 6 million years ago.

“I have a problem with the statement on page 3,” Willey told members of the WCBE in a recent meeting, as reported by The Daily Times in Salisbury. “It is a matter of fact versus theory. That one statement does continue to give me real pain.”

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After the board meeting, he further clarified the reason he believes Ways of the World misrepresents current scientific thinking.

“‘Most scholars’ is the concern I voiced,” he stated in an interview. “Many will read that as truth and not theory. ‘Some’ scholars agree, it should have said, but it says ‘most.’ It is not a point of what is taught in the classroom, but to proclaim theory as fact, I have a problem with that.”

Willey further commented that he’s “not sure” if the textbook’s assertion regarding evolution is “a fair and correct statement.”

The board is set to officially vote today on whether or not to use the history textbook, but Willey’s single objection has already generated a swirl of controversy. Starlin Weaver, associate dean of the Seidel School of Education and Professional Studies and a science educator at Salisbury University, argues that the textbook’s claim is accurate, because—according to her—“science  says” evolution is true.

“Most scientists do believe that evolution is theory supported by lots of evidence,” she stated, according to The Daily Times.

Meanwhile, Willey’s frank comments regarding the history book’s first chapter have many evolutionists outraged. For instance, a Sunday posting on the evolution-advocating “Sensuous Curmudgeon” blog labeled the school board’s president “a flaming idiot.”

“With people like [Willey] running a university-level training program for teachers,” the blog states, “it’s no wonder we have the chaos we routinely observe in public schools.”

However, others have been strongly supportive of Willey’s statements, including several commenters on news sites who want more objectivity in public school classrooms.

“Hats off to Mr. Willey,” wrote Vincent Perrotta. “It takes courage to take on the establishment. Many in education believe they are the objective ones in our society, especially those who teach science. I trust their conscientiousness, but would like to suggest that many of them don’t know what they don’t know. How many science teachers in our school system are aware of the mounting evidence against Darwin’s theory or evolution in general?”

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  • Fishfam

    This article perfectly shows the black pit of liberal bias which he education system has fallen into today. The Theory of Evolution is just that: a Theory. Not scientific law, just a Theory. It could be proven absurdly false tommorow. Also, the Bible happens to be the most accurate historical document ever written, as it has passed all authentication tests.

    To everyone who says there’s “no evidence” for creationism, stop being biased. Here, read this: http://www.icr.org/article/177/ It’s an unbiased evaluation of creationism vs. evolution written by a scientist. My personal favorite paragraph:

    “The First Law of Thermodynamics states that the total quantity of matter and energy in the universe is constant. The Second Law of Thermodynamics states that matter and energy always tend to change from complex and ordered states to disordered states. Therefore the universe could not have created itself, but could not have existed forever, or it would have run down long ago. Thus the universe, including matter and energy, apparently must have been created. The “big-bang” theory of the origin of the universe contradicts much physical evidence and seemingly can only be accepted by faith.1 This was also the case with the past cosmogonies theories of evolutionists that have been discarded, such as Hoyle’s steady-state theory. The universe has “obvious manifestations of an ordered, structured plan or design.” Similarly, the electron is materially inconceivable and yet it is so perfectly known through its effects,” yet a “strange rationale makes some physicists accept the inconceivable electrons as real while refusing to accept the reality of a Designer.” “The inconceivability of some ultimate issue (which will always lie outside scientific resolution) should not be allowed to rule out any theory that explains the interrelationship of observed data and is useful for prediction,” in the words of Dr. Wernher von Braun, the renowned late physicist in the NASA space program.”

    See, the THEORY of Evolution contradicts SCIENTIFIC LAWS, which should, if it were any other theory, nullify the truth value of said theory.

  • Jennifer Faulk

    I completely agree that evolution is just a theory and that creation should be included in our text books. I am a college student and am writing an argumentative essay on this specific topic. Any evidence or materials that someone could suggest to me would be most helpful and appreciated.

  • MTW the IF droog

    In 1984-1985, Ronald O. Willey was Principle of Beaver Run Elementary School in Salisbury, Maryland. I was in grade six, 11 years old and suffering from undiagnosed ADHD among having other behavior issues from being sexually abused a few years earlier. I couldn’t even talk with my parents about these things as they were apathetic and hostile people. What Ronald O. Willey’s problem that school year was, I’ve no idea, but he would soon inappropriately and antagonistically overstep his boundaries as an authority figure of that school that year.
    I’m hoping his family members are reading this so they know that their loving and cuddly grandpa was once a sick man who, sadly, did not understand the proper boundaries between an adult faculty member and a child student.
    No, I don’t remember the exact day it happened; that year was a blur of weathering shitty behavior by shitty adults. Beaver Run Elementary was full of them, including my sixth-grade teacher, Mrs. Jane Schaeffer, who was an insufferable mental-case herself. But I will now describe to you the day Ronald O. Willey took whatever mental problems he was having that day out on an 11 year old boy. What’s worse, he more than relished the experience. Even at my young age, I was already used to seeing that sort of behavior in sick men.
    Some sort of insignificant incident occurred in Schaeffer’s classroom that morning. She was an incompetent person without any control of her students. I do not remember the incident but I’m positive it was her lack of teaching ability that caused it. It fell on me, of course, and I was sent to the principle’s office for discipline, I guess.
    Upon arriving, I was greeted by Ronald Willey’s almost-lascivious sneer and completely out-of-proportion anger. I remember a litany of abusive, insulting, and demeaning language coming from this man who was about the break the law after screaming at me.
    Of course, the wonderful staff of illiterate redneck women working in the office gladly ignored his tirade and the way he then grabbed (and bruised) my arm in his grip as he flailed me around in front of everyone.
    I tried to wipe his disgusting spittle from my face as he was screaming at me, two inches from my nose. Seeing me do this, he screamed, “Oh, is your face dirty?! Do you need to wash your face?!” At which point, he threw me bodily at the water fountain and began splashing water in my face like a lunatic. Again, his staff just watched on as they pushed papers around their desks, pretending they were busy. Some smiled.
    And finally, it happened. He pushed me against a wall, grasping my arms (now both were bruised) and he began to shake me the way a deranged babysitter violently shakes a baby. The back of my head hit the wall numerous times, pounding my skull against cement and giving me agonizing headaches for days afterward.
    The rest is a blurry mess of improper behavior by ignorant adults; school faculty and my parents as well.
    If any reading this is asking why I never did anything about this until now, I can remind you that this was 1984 and child abuse was not on everyone’s mind the way it is in today’s world. Couple that with the fact that my parents were no better than Willey; lowlifes who took their anger and frustration out on their children. And when I did have enough self-esteem again to do something about the physical abuse I suffered from Ronald Willey, the statute of limitations had run out and he became immune from prosecution for his crimes against children.
    So this is all I can do; just try to expose Ronald Willey for what he is deep inside of himself: a sick brute who should not be near children. He deserves any humiliation or embarrassment that this brings.