‘Education, Not Indoctrination’: Atheists Protest Texas Homeschool Convention as Promised

Homeschool Protest fbTHE WOODLANDS — A small group of atheists protested a homeschooling convention as promised earlier this year, largely due to the presence of a prominent Creation speaker who was scheduled to attend the event.

As previously reported, in May, a group of atheists known as “The Nones” discussed their views about homeschooling in a Google+ video entitled “Home School Abuse by Creationists.” During the discussion, Vic Wang, an atheist affiliated with both The Nones and Humanists of Houston, stated that his group had scouted out the venue where a popular homeschooling convention would be held.

The event as issue was the THSC Southwest Convention and Family Conference, hosted annually by the Texas Home School Coalition (THSC), which began on Thursday in The Woodlands, Texas. Wang said that atheists planned to “come out in force” during the event.

“At the very least we are doing a protest,” he asserted.

The concern was apparently not simply the concept of homeschooling, but rather that Creation is taught to most homeschoolers as opposed to evolution. While the participants in the video claimed that they do not want to suppress religious freedom, they repeatedly stated that something must be done to monitor what is taught to homeschool students, especially in regard to science curricula.

One of the chat participants, simply identified as “Sister Lilandra,” commented at one point, “There has to be some way to regulate [homeschooling].”

“I’m tired of the religious exemption that people get for doing behaviors that are immoral,” she stated. “It’s immoral to me to teach your child that the earth is 6,000 years old.”

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On Saturday, speaker Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis posted a number of photographs on his Facebook page of the atheists that were protesting the teaching of Creation to homeschoolers at the Texas homeschooling event as planned.

Homeschool Protest fb“[A] handful are atheists are protesting me speaking at the Texas homeschool conference at The Woodlands (Houston) where thousands of adults and kids have been attending,” he wrote. “They are holding up signs showing clearly they do not understand science.”

“Education, not indoctrination,” “Love your kids with real science,” and “23% of jobs in Houston require proficiency in math and science. Don’t handicap your kids with Creationism,” some of the signs read.

“They don’t understand the difference between their beliefs about the past (historical science) vs. real empirical science (based on observation and repeatable testing) that builds our technology,” Ham contended. “They are the ones ruining science education by influencing secular education to teach their atheist religion as fact and teach kids the belief of molecules to man evolution.”

He stated that Christians need to work together to ensure that children understand the difference between theory and observational science.

“These people are a minority in this nation (as they are at this protest)–Christians need to rally in this nation to have kids taught the truth about science–the difference between science that builds our technology (which we love and agree on) vs science (historical or origins science) which is about the past,” Ham outlined. “Actually, I have already taught on this at the conference so the adults and kids know how to distinguish between belief and observational science–the kids at the homeschool conference understand science much more than these atheists.”

Ham also noted on Friday that several attendees told him that they came to the conference just because they heard that atheists would be protesting.

“So, thanks to the atheists, more people attended the conference to hear me speak!” he wrote.

The THSC Southwest Convention and Family Conference continues through today in The Woodlands.

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  • Robert Lusty

    Typical atheists. They own the public school system, publish all the text books, infest all the colleges and universities, and what do they do? Have fits over the parents wise enough to take their kids out of the system, then have the gall to accuse them of indoctrinating their children. This isn’t about philanthropic concern for the welfare of these families; it’s about control.