Judge Orders Alabama Abortion Facility Closed for Operating Without License

forceps pdBIRMINGHAM — A circuit judge in Alabama has ordered an abortion facility in the state to close for operating without a license.

New Woman, All Women had their license revoked last year after health officials investigated the location over a number of concerns, including overdose incidents which sent two women to the hospital. According to reports, investigators found 76 pages of violations, such as insufficient staff training and the use of uninspected equipment.

However, after the abortion facility was closed by the Alabama Health Department, owner Diane Derzis and abortionist Bruce Norman reopened the location under the guise of a doctor’s office. Norman gave the argument that since state law only requires a license when 30 or more abortions are performed a month, he could operate with the facility’s license revoked.

The state then sued Derzis and Norman, and on Thursday, Circuit Judge Joseph Boohaker ordered that the location be closed immediately. Boohaker disagreed with Norman, stating that the facility was indeed an abortion facility and not a doctor’s office.

“The court hereby declares that the operation of the Birmingham facility located at 1001 17th St. South in Birmingham, Alabama meets the definition of an abortion or reproductive health center,” he wrote.

“The doctor is terribly disappointed,” Norman’s attorney, Scott Morro, told reporters. “He testified openly and explained what was happening at that facility. He is disappointed the judge has inferred that for two months out of a calendar year he does more than 30 abortions. Dr. Norman clearly knows he cannot do that.”

But pro-life groups in the state say that they are happy with the outcome.

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“We are elated that Judge Boohaker saw Bruce Norman’s activities for what they really were —operating in an unlicensed abortion clinic,” Allison Aranda, senior staff counsel for Life Legal Defense Foundation told Citizen Link. “Now, if Norman continues to defy the Alabama Department of Public Health regulations and Judge Boohaker’s rulings, ADPH can seek further sanctions against Norman not merely for violating the law but for violating a court order as well.”

Derzis owns several abortion facilities throughout the South, including in Virginia, Georgia and Mississippi. Her Jackson, Mississippi location, the last remaining abortion facility in the state, has been at the center of a heated battle for the past year as it faces closure due to its inability to comply with state law.

In a recent report on ABC’s Nightline, Derzis contended to reporters that God was on her side in the abortion business.

“I know as fervently as they do that what I’m doing is moral and right,” she stated. “But if I’m wrong, that’s between the Lord and I.”

In addition to brief interview segments, the broadcast featured Christian sidewalk counselor Cal Zastrow calling out to Derzis, “I want you to quit killing babies. I want you to turn to the love of Jesus.”

“I have the love of Jesus,” she replied. “He approves of what I do.”

“No, you don’t,” Zastrow responded. “You have the murder of preborn children.”

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