California Considers Punishing Youth Groups Against Homosexuality as ‘Bathroom Bill’ Becomes Law

California State CapitolSACRAMENTO – On the same day that the governor of California signed a bill into law mandating that boys who identify as girls be allowed to use girls’ bathrooms and vice versa, a California committee approved legislation which would cause any non-profit organizations that do not embrace homosexuals to lose tax-exempt status.

Senate Bill 323 (SB323) was first introduced in mid-February by Ricardo Lara, a Democratic state senator from Los Angeles. Lara is himself an open homosexual, as well as a member of the California Legislative LGBT Caucus. According to the bill’s introduction, SB323 would “provide that an organization that is a public charity youth organization that discriminates on the basis of gender identity, race, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, or religious affiliation is not exempt from [state taxes].”

Later in the legislation, approximately 25 youth organizations are specifically listed as entities that would have to embrace these “gender identity” and “sexual orientation” guidelines, or else lose their tax-exempt standing. Little League, Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, Young Men’s Christian Association, Young Women’s Christian Association, Future Farmers of America, Future Homemakers of America, 4-H Clubs, Boys’ Clubs, and Girls’ Clubs are all included.

On Monday afternoon, California’s Committee on Revenue and Taxation held a hearing on SB323, and eventually approved the legislation by a 6-3 vote. Now the bill moves forward to the Committee on Judiciary.

Proponents of SB323—commonly referred to as the “Anti-Boy Scouts Bill”—herald the legislation as a long-overdue measure to end unfair discrimination in many organizations. John O’Conner of Equality California said the bill would “make it clear … that discrimination has a real cost,” and Senator Lara described his bill as a means to end organizations’ “outdated practices.”

“Our state values the important role that youth groups play in the empowerment of our next generation,” Lara stated. “This is demonstrated by rewarding organizations with tax exemptions supported financially by all Californians. SB323 seeks to end the unfortunate discriminatory and outdated practices by certain youth groups by revoking their tax exemption privilege should they not comply with our non-discrimination laws.”

However, a news release from Lori Arnold of the California Family Alliance argued that the “Anti-Boy Scouts Bill” is both self-contradicting and unconstitutional.

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“The irony of the proposed law,” Arnold wrote, “is that its blatant use of extortion—by holding nonprofit groups financially hostage—instills its own form of discrimination by trampling individual and organizational religious beliefs by labeling them ‘outdated practices,’ practices that are protected by the First Amendment.”

Similarly, Matthew McReynolds of the Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) stated that “the bill’s imposition of ‘gender identity’ acceptance on virtually all youth sports in California is untenable and out of step with the reasonable privacy expectations,” and also “establishes a gender-blind scheme that most parents believe to be absurd.”

On the very same day as the SB323 committee hearing, California Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 1266 into law—a bill that allows boys who identify as girls to use girls’ bathrooms at school, and vice versa. As previously reported, California lawmakers overwhelmingly approved the “Bathroom Bill” last month, even though the bill’s author—Democratic Assemblyman Tom Ammiano—admitted that the new measures will “perhaps” make some children “uncomfortable.”

“I don’t want to minimize that,” Ammiano said, according to the BBC, “but new experiences are often uncomfortable. That can’t be an excuse for prejudice.”

However, Brad Dacus, president of the Pacific Justice Institute, told Christian News Network that the enforcement of AB 1266 will lead to instances of “extreme violation of [students’] privacy,” with “horrendous” mental and emotional ramifications.

Dacus further said that both SB323 and AB 1266 are being driven by those who want non-traditional sexual behavior accepted and protected in every arena.

“The common motive,” he explained, “is to inoculate anyone who has any objection to homosexuality or transsexuality, and [both bills are] specifically targeting young people. The goal is to make transsexuality, cross-dressing, and homosexuality a cultural norm—not just as a matter of tolerance, but as a matter of socially-mandated acceptance.”

“It’s a massive demoralizing campaign which is being engaged in at the expense of countless young people who will be unquestionably impacted,” he said.

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  • David T

    God is not mocked!

  • libertyinmo

    How many Christians will continue to send their children to the cesspools? There is an answer to the problem. It is called an exodus and it should have happened a LONG time ago.

  • Ross Yerkes


  • Mark Mathias

    How is this legislation, SB 323, even slightly different from Revelation 13:16–17? In this passage we see the anti-Christ, instituting the law of the land, requiring everyone on earth to, of his/her own volition, accept the “mark of the beast.” If he does not, he will not be able to, “buy or sell.” How then will he feed his family? Thus the pressure will be great, to conform. However, if one does receive the insignia, he will have no chance to enter the kingdom of heaven (Rev. 14:9–10).
    We might call the times we live in the birth pangs of what the events of this age are designed to produce.
    As John O’Connor said: ” Equality California said the bill would make it clear … that discrimination has a real cost…” The law clearly disagrees with God; and challenges you to disagree with it. We are in the valley of decision.

  • Hugo Rohland

    Seems like the `lawless one`is hard at work. But this is happening all over the world and will most definitely lead to our own destruction just like all the other super powers of old. Moral decay and destruction of conservative norms will see to it. Just a thought though!!!

  • Diana Hahn

    This is only the beginning. Just read an article that Germany now has a ‘third option’ to check for gender on a baby’s birth certificate. Google it to read more. Guess the parents and/or child decides later what he/she wants to be?! Sounds like Sodom and Gomorrah! But, Christian, we do need to ‘speak the truth in love’. God is the one who changes the heart, not our fancy and forceful words. Be encouraged. God gets the last word. He wins in the end, and He is winning now. Praise the Lord and pray for you grandkids!

  • Just Passing through…

    Talk about unintended consequences…

    This law would cause any not-for-profit primary or secondary school to surrender it’s tax-exempt status if it doesn’t permit trans-gender men to participate in it’s women’s sports program.

    The problem is, since membership in the NCAA is purely voluntary and the NCAA currently prohibits biological males from participating in women’s sports, NCAA member colleges and universities in California would either have to terminate their membership in the NCAA or be granted a special exemption from the law.

    Now we all know the left’s fondness for special exemptions, when laws are purely politically motivated and only serve the interests of a very small number of people (think Obamacare), but exempting middle schools, high schools, colleges and universities from this law would be little more than a tacit acknowledgement that guys are guys and girls are girls regardless of what they may think of themselves and any attempt to accommodate the trans-gender community is simply unworkable.

    However, the failure to exempt would bring about the establishment of a “California Collegiate Athletic Association” that does not discriminate against trans-gender males and would eventually bring about an end to biological female involvement in women’s collegiate sports in California. Think about it this way: what coach would turn away a 6’11” trans-gender guy who wants to play women’s basketball? Coaches will search the world over for trans-gender athletes. This is why the NCAA does not allow men to participate in women’s sports.

    This law pits the trans-gender boys (and the LBGT community that supports them) against the non-trans-gender girls (and the feminist community that fought so hard for Title 9). Would the feminists throw their sons under the bus for the sake of their daughters or throw their daughters under the bus for the sake of their sons…? Interesting question.

    This law, along with the Bathroom Law is simply unworkable. This is the kind of insanity you get when guys pretend to be girls and girls pretend to be guys and no one steps in to stop it. Self-delusion is mental illness. It needs treatment, not accommodation.

  • Chris

    What do kindergarteners know about gender identity? At 5 years old your child identifies with what you have raised them to identify with. This is what happens when cable TV has replaced parents in the child rearing process. I am 29 years old with three children, the oldest being 6 years old. If I taught my son that he was an alien from Mars for the last 6 years he would probably “identify” with that.

  • Bob Beeman

    This belies the idea that the Democrats are neutral to traditional religious belief. This is proof they are openly hostile and seek to eradicate it. The spirit of the anti-christ has found a home.

  • Adrianna Johnson

    Im doing a project on this and was wondering how would it affect the little league and all the other organizations? Please help

  • Ho Lee Phook

    Behold the March of evil as clearly as day the child molestors will demand special rights too.