Trucker Buying Bible Billboards Across Wisconsin to ‘Help Save People From the Sins of the World’

Billboard 2 wsGREEN BAY — A 72-year-old trucker from Wisconsin is on a mission to share the truth and hope of the Gospel by purchasing billboards throughout his state.

Harold Scott of Green Bay has spent over $600,000 purchasing billboard space over the past two years, all of which he has paid for almost entirely with his own money.

“The devil has got people mesmerized,” he told the Appleton Post-Crescent. “This country needs some hope, and the only hope they can get is in the Lord Jesus Christ.”

On his website,, Scott further outlines his heart behind the efforts, which he views as his way of being active in evangelism.

“I pray and hope the signs of glory to God and Jesus will help save people from the sins of the world,” he wrote. “The end of the world is being played out before our eyes.”

“The Bible is the word of God; make no mistake about the Bible,” Scott continues. “We have to keep the signs for God and Jesus Christ up to warn people of the coming peril, no matter what the cost. This warning is a matter of life and death.”

At times, Scott’s billboards have simple paraphrased messages, such as “Jesus Christ died for the sins of the world,” “Life is nothing without God,” and “My God, I repent for my sins against you and my fellow man.” Other signs provide Scripture directly, such as “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved,” from Acts 16:30.

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Billboard wsSo far, the messages have appeared in Appleton, Oshkosh, Two Rivers and other locations throughout the state, and even a few outside of Wisconsin.

Scott states that he would like to pursue other endeavors on a national scale, but funds do not allow him to do so at this time. However, he would like to see others also become active in sharing their faith in whatever way possible.

“We need more people to get on the wagon for Jesus Christ. We need more disciples,” he told reporters. “God’s people are few and we’re trying to do a job that’s almost impossible, but we’re going to do it.”

“I am going to try to keep the signs up as long as I can,” he noted on his website. “I feel the Holy Spirit of God has given me that job to do and I humbly intend to live up to that honorable job the best that I can, so help me God.”


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  • Sandy

    What if every true church cross America rented a billboard with a Bible verse on it? It may be the only Bible folks will read; it would have the conviction of the Holy Spirit behind it and will not return void. But can someone provide us with helpful advice on how to rent billboards? May God richly bless Mr. Scott!

  • Ted Betz

    All you need to do is look for billboards that say things such as “For Rent” or “Available,” or even if you see it blank. Then call the phone # on the sign and they will be glad to rent it to you. ALTHOUGH – I wonder if some companies would say you can’t have scriptures on it. I SURE HOPE THAT WOULD NOT HAPPEN.

    If you had a bill board close to your church that you really wanted to advertise on, you could call the company and see when the ad that is on it now will expire and they might hold it for you.



    PS – If you like the old hymns – I would love to have you listen to the ones I have on a CD that are now on line at

    Then go to the page that says, “How God Changed MY Life” and go to the bottom and you can hear music or download the songs from my keyboard and my valve trombone.


    Ted Betz

  • Sandy Lawerence

    Praise God for what you’re doing. I will pray for you.

  • james nichols

    technically, the WORLD here, reffers to the nation/children of israel. the gentiles are given the oppertunity because of the fall of israel. but christ first job was to save israel from their sins. we are accepted only if we follow the same laws

    • Poohb3ar

      James, I am not sure where you get your understanding, but there is not a difference between Jews and Gentiles anymore…..Romans 10:12 clearly says this.

      But I am happy to see this gentleman following the call of The Lord in his life!

    • Taylor

      James, Christ has no partiality. It is no longer works-based salvation as in ancient Israel for no man is good enough (Romans 3:10). Jesus finished it on the cross for all. We now work BECAUSE of salvation and to glorify Him in this life.

      For there is no distinction between Jew and Greek, for the same Lord over all is rich to all who call upon Him. For “whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.”…Romans 10:12-13