Innovative New Creation Film to ‘Bring Genesis to Life’ With Cutting-Edge 3D Animation

Genesis 3D ImagePENSACOLA – Support is pouring in for a Christian ministry’s new Genesis-based movie that is being described as an “incredibly unique,” “breathtaking” project.

“Genesis 3D” is a feature-length documentary film being produced by Creation Today—a Florida-based Christian ministry. Using stereoscopic 3D animation, the movie will portray the universe’s beginning, as recorded in the biblical book of Genesis.

“[This project] will bring Genesis to life in a full, stereoscopic, 3D, feature-length film,” says the movie’s director and producer, Ralph Strean, in a recently released promotional video.

“Going to the beginning is so important,” Strean explains in the Genesis 3D trailer. “It’s a major hurdle for [many people]. They can’t get to the Gospel before they at least have the foundations right, or can even believe or accept that it’s scientifically and historically true. And that’s what we try to do—not just hit them with 3D, stunning visual effects, but we try to match it with the most cutting-edge science.”

Eric Hovind, president of Creation Today and executive producer of Genesis 3D, says people are often more receptive to the Gospel if they understand why Genesis is true.

“I can’t tell you how many people I’ve seen come to Christ when they get over the ‘hurdle’ of Genesis,” Hovind states in the trailer. “They say after you get over that, everything falls into place; it all makes sense.”

Hovind says the film will help people understand the reliability of the Genesis creation account.

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“By mixing the visual beauty of the creation in 3D with the information to answer skeptical questions, undoubtedly audiences will leave with an incentive to accept the truth of the Bible,” he told WND. “And for those who are already believers, they will have their faith fortified and strengthened considerably.”

On September 19th, Creation Today launched a fundraising effort for Genesis 3D on Indiegogo. As of late Sunday, approximately $120,000 had been donated toward the project’s $150,000 initial goal.

Genesis 3D’s Indiegogo page further outlines several aspects of the film, explaining that it will include “insights from top creation scientists” and will follow “literal Biblical precision.” Furthermore, the movie “enriches understanding of the Creator God” and “answers the two biggest questions in life: Where did we come from? And why are we here?”

Though Genesis 3D is still in the fundraising stage, multiple Christian organizations have endorsed the project, including Answers in Genesis, Institute for Creation Research, and Living Waters.

In addition, Christian leaders who have viewed sneak-peeks of the film state that it is remarkable. Ken Ham compared the movie to “a time machine” that shows the Creation account firsthand. Alex Kendrick—director of Facing the Giants, Fireproof, and Courageous—said that the movie “will show Biblical truth in an excellent way.” And Ray Comfort noted that he was “blown away” by Genesis 3D.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” Comfort stated. “Christians should get behind this.”

Already, non-Christians are expressing displeasure at the film project. David Silverman, president of American Atheists, described the movie as a “flashy” attempt to validate “antiquated beliefs.”

However, Hovind believes Genesis 3D will be an important voice for the Christian Church, and said non-believers will “need to reconsider their position” upon viewing the film.

“Christians are calling for the truth to be presented even more boldly in our world today,” he explained in a recent news release about the project. “We have the Gospel, we have the truth; that Gospel starts in the beginning, in Genesis. Now, let’s proclaim it as boldly as we can. I think a 3D film is a pretty bold statement.”

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