Thousands of Christians Nationwide Create ‘Life Chain’ to Stand Publicly Against Abortion

Life Chain ssHundreds of thousands of Christians and other pro-life citizens across the country participated in the nationwide ‘Life Chain’ event on Sunday, which was held in all fifty states and in most major cities in America.

The event was organized by a group known as Please Let Me Live, based out of Yuba City, California, and has been conducted for the past 26 years. As a peaceful event, participants form a “chain” in standing side by side on the public sidewalks in their city, holding signs that declare their support for life. The hour and a half event also is a time of prayer for an end to the bloodshed in America, and often featured hymn-singing as well.

“Abortions remain numerous, and the church remains bound by deception and apathy. All the while God mercifully waits,” organizers wrote in a news release about the annual event. “He waits to work through His sons and daughters to end the unspeakable horror, but the ears of His church do not hear and the eyes of His church do not see. The result is a church imprinted by shame and a calamity much larger than the German Holocaust.”

Please Let Me Live states that it desires for pastors to stand up and provide an example to their congregation that the people of God need to protect innocent life.

“For decades, satanic forces cited in Ephesians 6 have shrewdly influenced that control,” it outlined, “and it is vital that pastors find deliverance from unawareness and denial, from fear and self-interest, and from priorities and schedules that betray the church’s duty to meet the urgent needs of children who are  threatened by abortion’s unbounded cruelty.”

On Sunday, Christians from across the country joined together to break the silence, holding signs such as “Abortion Kills Children,” Abortion Hurts Women” and “Adoption–the Loving Option.” Events were held from Alaska to Michigan to Mississippi and Pennsylvania. A number of cities state that they received support from drivers that passed, as many honked their horns and waved, while there were also reports of those who became angry with the Christians for their stand for life.

“I think what this is about, is awareness,” Montana Right to Life Director Greg Tudd told KAJ18 at the event in Helena. “Just to show that there are so many people against abortion. The numbers grow every year. They’ve done polls across the country, most of the country is pro-life, and it’s really neat to see people driving by because 99% of the response today has been people beeping horns and thumbs up.”

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In Indianapolis, Indiana, supporters stretched for four miles, and over 1,000 people lined the streets in Omaha, Nebraska.

In Martinsburg, West Virginia, Pastor John Frattarola of Cornerstone Bible Church told reporters that the event was his 16th year of attendance.

“When it comes to a nation that kills its own, well you don’t have to wonder why we’re in all the other troubles,” he told the Journal-News. “For instance, many of our economic problems could be solved if we had a generation of these people that were killed [who] instead were alive and contributing now.”

Please Let Me Live says that it hopes to see more pastors step up to the plate.

“When, O Lord, will essential leadership emerge? When will your clergy awaken to their accountability and discern the humanity of rejected preborns in each community?” it asked. “When will they unite, plan, and mobilize their people against the horrendous evil of child mutilation?”

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