Oklahoma Man Behind Bars on Arson Charges After Setting Fire to Kitchen to ‘Cook Bible’

Anderson mugshotOKLAHOMA CITY — An Oklahoma man who told police that he is a Satanist is behind bars after setting fire to his kitchen in order to ‘cook the Bible.’

The incident occurred on Wednesday after a concerned citizen called police to report a “person going ballistic.”

When police arrived at the apartment of 22-year-old Jeremy Anderson, they saw that he had kicked the hinges off the front door and had blood covering his face and hands. Police attempted to enter, but Anderson began throwing objects at them, narrowly missing the officers.

One officer then attempted to taze Anderson, but he yelled that it wouldn’t affect him. He was later tazed again, but pulled out the probes in defiance. Local television station KOCO-TV reports that crisis management talks failed as well as Anderson continued behaving like a madman.

Backup was called to the scene, but Anderson told the officers to put down their guns and he would fist fight them. After contacting the local housing authority due to the smell of smoke, police obtained a key to the back door and were able to enter the apartment.

However, officials state that the walls and floor of Anderson’s apartment were covered in blood, bleach and other “substances” and broken glass and furniture were strewn about throughout the dwelling. A fire was also burning in the kitchen, which soon spread to other areas of the apartment.

Police, who were dressed in riot gear, dragged Anderson out of the burning apartment after tasering him several more times.

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According to local television station KFOR-TV, Anderson told police that he had started a fire because he was “cooking the Bible” as a Satanist. He also stated that a “possessed homosexual demon” performed sex acts upon him, and that when he realized what had happened, he was shocked that he allowed the demon to touch him as he is not a homosexual.

Anderson was taken to the hospital and then transported to the Oklahoma County jail, where he is being held on arson charges. Other charges could be filed at a later time.

As previously reported, a similar situation hit headlines last year as an unnamed professor at Michigan State University began having a meltdown during his math class.

“He started talking about his colleagues and how they’re all actors,” freshman Kyle Hillman recounted. “He said, ‘It’s all an act and none of it’s real.’ Then he ran out of the classroom.”

Another student explained, “Half way through class, he started screaming at us—swearing left and right. He then started slamming his hands on the window and pressing his face against it, still screaming. Eventually he walked out and down the hallway to the end, all the while screaming.”

Students said that they could hear the professor shouting profanities in the hall and screaming, “There is no (expletive) God!”

When he returned, they said they could not believe what happened next.

“He then came back into the classroom and took off his clothes, except for his socks,” students explained. “At this point, everyone in class ran out.”

Some questioned at the time whether the situation was linked to mental illness or demon possession.

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