New ‘Noah’ Film Starring Russell Crowe Flooded With Controversy

NoahA new Hollywood epic on the life of Noah has stirred controversy among Christians, Jews and others who have pre-screened the film, as they state that the movie largely leaves out one important foundation: the Bible.

Noah is the brainchild of producer Darren Aronofsky, who says that he has wanted to make a film about Noah and the ark since his childhood. With a $125 million budget, the film is said to be more of an edgy action epic that depicts a man who fights off his enemies as he prepares for a coming apocalypse, rather than a story of a “preacher of righteousness” who calls the world to repentance from sin.

Russell Crowe, known for his roles in Gladiator, A Beautiful Mind and Robin Hood stars as Noah in the film, and Anthony Hopkins, known for his roles in Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal and The Legends of the Fall appears as grandfather Methuselah, who provides advice to Noah.

“Man corrupted this world and filled it with violence, so he must be destroyed,” Methuselah explains to Noah, who has a dream of “death by water.”

But as Noah begins to build an ark, he becomes the enemy of his brother-in-law Tubal-Cain. He tells Tubal-Cain to build his own ark, or die trying to take his.

“You don’t know your king,” Tubal-Cain asserts. “I have men at my back, and you stand alone and defy me?”

“I’m not alone,” Noah replies confidently.

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Tubal-Cain, who has gathered an army against Noah, later storms the vessel in battle-style as the rain begins to fall.

“Take the ark!” he orders his army of followers.

A number of battle scenes are said to fill the film, which in some aspects are reminiscent of Gladiator. Six-armed angels, known as Watchers, are also introduced, “who came down from Heaven to help fallen humanity by granting them wonders of knowledge from magic to science to stars, metal, and fire.”

Earlier reports of the film expressed disapproval that Noah was depicted as being centered on an environmental agenda, and that Aronofsky viewed Noah as the “first environmentalist.” Noah is also stated to be tormented with guilt for surviving the flood while others perished. It is not known whether those particular aspects still remain in the movie at this time.

As Aronofsky and Paramount Pictures have rolled out screenings of the film, which will officially hit theaters in March 2014, there has been mixed reaction from viewers. Some have praised Noah, stating that they were impressed with the production, while others have expressed disappointment over the movie’s departure from the Biblical text.

“You can’t stray from the Bible in a Bible-based film without upsetting a percentage of the Christian faith base. Interpretations may vary, but if the story changes, even a little, it’s deemed offensive,” Angie Meyer-Olszewski, an entertainment publicist, told FOX411. “When a studio releases a movie that’s biblical, they are playing a game of religious roulette.”

“[I]t’s clear that Noah is not a Christian film,” writes the blog Beginning and End in a lengthy critique of the production. “Yet when this movie hits the theaters, it will not stop the film company behind [it] from marketing the movie to churches and the Christian community in hopes of conveying the idea that it is a movie celebrating a Biblical story when it is not. Do not be deceived.”

Reports state that Paramount and Aronofsky have different visions for the film, and that due to some of the dissatisfaction from the screenings, the producers of Noah are working on making their final adjustments before its release next year. Some are hopeful that the changes will be more in line with Scripture.

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  • Jade

    Looks awesome! Can’t wait to see it… It has the principals of right and, wrong. Good and evil. I think THE GREAT and AWESOME GOD gave us a imagination for a reason.

  • Raymond

    Christians should also be upset that the Hansel and Gretel movie released earlier this year didn’t stick to the original fairy tale story from 1812.

    It’s Hollywood people, enjoy the movie for what it is, ENTERTAINMENT.

    • Raymond has obviously missed the point entirely with his use of the ‘category error’ logical fallacy.

      Perhaps he would like to reevaluate this thoughts in regards to the Bible, the truths it conveys and this movie which deliberately distorts and omits them before speaking again.

    • Kosh

      To be honest, the Hansel & Gretel story was a lot more believable. Every species of animal on earth descended from a single surviving pair of animals is a lot harder to swallow that cannibalistic witches living in houses made of candy.

  • Jeya

    Hollywood folks might have thought “Who will watch the movie if we keep movie sequence like Noah Warning and Preaching the people about the Flood”… No one or they may wish to present their own version of story, Now after reading the Bible today, I feel this is all from Antichrist followers who speak about something not from scriptures. BEWARE all … The END IS NEAR !!!

  • judahbenhuer

    It’s only a movie, right? I mean, as long as Hollywood gets SOME of it right, then it is perfectly acceptable to bring our families to see it.

    Oh, and the “other” critical parts that are clearly defined in scripture need not be included in this version nor should anyone chastise or oppose this film because of it. I mean, they are at least trying, right?

    Pitiful and spineless believers in Christ we have become. Our stand on solid ground now yields to any feint of rain. We no longer care about coming out of the world. Why, we can partake of the world as long as we SAY we believe, because, just like the Pharisees, as long as we keep our own traditions, then what does the Father’s Commandments matter anyway?

    And what does the truth matter? As long as we get some of it right, that’s really what matters. Why be so dogmatic and strict like…well, like the disciples and the early church?

    You see…there really is no difference between the modern church and the world. We watch their movies without reservation, have friends and fellowship with those that bear no resemblance to our Messiah. In fact, there is very little that we do not restrict from ours or our family’s lives because we have been forgiven and the world carries an artistic element to their message that is very appealing and can be used as a tool to bring others to the “modern messiah”.

    No…we would not recognize Him if He were to walk in our midst as He did 2000 years ago. In fact, most of us would turn up our nose at the homeless man and clutch our wallets while passing by.

    The modern church is no longer the light of the world. It is more of a humanistic, non-judgmental assembly of something-worshippers more eager to find what we have in common with the world so we can enjoy it together rather than reaching out in desperation to grab another hand to rescue a soul from eternal separation from our Father.

    In short, the Church’s priority has embraced the very thing that is most important to it.


    • Cyoder

      I can only , sadly , agree with everything you stated.. most of the churches in my area seem more concerned with building sports facilties , daycare centers and schools .. While the the lost have no Gospel preached to them . But they can pay to be part of a sports league or some other church program . Todays Christian is afraid to be seperate and seeks the worlds approval . They dress like Pharisees and act like them .. It is the era of the Laodician Christian .

  • Mary Waterton

    Hollywood is owned by the homosexuals. They are never going to honestly portray the true reasons for the destruction of Noah’s world, which were the same as those of Sodom & Gomorrah (see Luke 17:20-37). Don’t expect Hollywood to do God’s work for YOU because they get their paycheck from the Devil and that will never ever ever change.

    • Dan Born

      So God made homosexuals homosexual and yet he punished them for it? That doesnt make much sense. Its not a sin to be born homosexual. just because the book of Leviticus says it is, does not make it true, if it were true, not only would homosexuality be a sin, but all homosexuals should be killed for their sin along with people who:

      (this is ALL FROM LEVITICUS)

      Going to church within 33 days after giving birth to a boy (12:4)

      Going to church within 66 days after giving birth to a girl (12:5)

      Reaping to the very edges of a field (19:9)

      Picking up grapes that have fallen in your vineyard (19:10)

      Tearing your clothes (10:6)
      Holding back the wages of an employee overnight (not well observed these days) (19:13)

      Mixing fabrics in clothing (19:19)

      Planting different seeds in the same field (19:19)

      Trimming your beard (19:27) [No penalty given.]

      Cutting your hair at the sides (19:27) [No penalty given.]

      Getting tattoos (19:28) [No penalty given.]

      Working on the Sabbath (23:3)

      ALL THESE AND MORE ARE PART OF “THE LAW” LAID OUT IN LEVITICUS. If the sound rediculous, its because they are, and so are you for cherrypicking gospel withouth understanding the bible. There is nothing more dangerous than a ignorant “christian.”

      • judahbenhuer

        Dan Born,

        Homosexuals, like every living being on this planet, have a tendency to slide towards towards degeneracy.

        And homosexuals, like everyone, are born into sin. What humans choose, including a lifestyle, is a choice. There is no valid study with the ability to pass the scientific method that can even come close to substantiation that homosexuals are ‘born into homosexuality.’ Sure, there are a litany of theories and many ‘hoping’ this is true, but nothing that shows homosexuals are ‘victims’ of being born with it.

        There are none.

        All sinners who are comfortable in their sin desire to be justified in their choices. They want to mingle with others who agree with them and want to “feel” accepted in society.

        And like many others wallowing in their own practices, homosexuals tend to seethe with anger that their lifestyle is not accepted either, and their choice is bereft of justification. This would be the same as someone into pornography, gluttony, drunkards, gossipers, and any of the other things that the Father lists in both the Old and New Testament as sins, and those that commit them are unfit to stand just before a Holy God.

        There are those that live a life opposing God’s law, and then there are those that seek out a life of obedience to them.

        God does not change. His expectation that we obey His laws have not changed. But our watered down understanding of them have.

        You mentioned many laws in Leviticus that the people were to obey. Christians today will respond with, “Well, those Laws are no longer in effect. We are under the New Testament.” The problem here is that Christ Himself lived under the Law of His Father! Nowhere did He break any Commandment of the Father. Nowhere.

        He even kept the Sabbath, as did His disciples and the early church right up until the Council of Nicaea in 323 AD when Sabbath keepers were ordered under pain of death not to obey the 4th Commandment any longer.

        God is a giver of Laws because He is just.

        And because He is just and righteous, He will judge men one day according to their obedience of his Word.

        Christ said, “I did not come to destroy the Law and the Prophets…I came to fulfill them.” The only laws that Christ challenged were the oral laws that the Pharisees, corrupt men lusting after control and power, MADE UP and distorted for their own pleasure instead of obeying the Father’s laws.

        Yes, God set standards for man to live by. The 10 Commandments are in full effect even today. The disciples themselves, when preparing to bury Jesus, hurried so they would not violate God’s Sabbath, and then came immediately after the Sabbath to anoint the body of Christ. Throughout the New Testament there is not one example of any believer in the Messiah that either discredited or gave approval of violating the Commandments of God.

        Sin is sin…it is a violation of God’s order and commands. While there may be differences in how that sin is delivered and the amount of destruction the sin brings to one or to many, it is still sin. It is a violation of God’s laws. And all of us will give an account of our lives to Him on THAT day.

        What will separate us will be whether we repented of our sins in this life, accepted Yeshua (Jesus) as the Messiah and lived our lives in obedience to Him.

      • Jimmy Hudson

        Dan, you are mistaken. God didn’t make homosexuals, just as he did not make alchoholics. They are both sin which sinners choose to take part in. We are all sinners, and God gives us the choice to choose between wrong and right. You sir, are the ignorant one.

      • Janet

        We are no longer under mosaic law. We have a saviour in Christ Jesus that died and was resurrected by the Holy spirit. We are washed in his blood and only by God’s grace now are called “Saved.” The New Testament starts with the chosen,Jews and then the gentiles are included. Jesus gives us new commandments to follow. Loving our enemies, turning the other cheek, etc…
        Loving the sinner not the sin.

    • rick k.

      Mary, you are right. Hollywood is not going to show the truth about the biblical characters or events concerning the bible. I will watch the movie , Noah with russel crowe because I think the special effects will be great. And probably some of the feelings of Noah will be pretty accurate . I wish a talented christian producer would come along and show biblical movies accurately and able to show it with great special effects and great actors. But alas, most christian movies are generic at best with unknown actors and made cheaply.

  • Yessie

    They are still missing the main reason for the flood in this film. The NEPHILIM! The offspring of the unholy union between fallen angels and human women. They walked on the earth on those days. Corrupting all creation not just with evil and violence. But our very DNA, was corrupt. (Genesis 6:4, Numbers 13:33, 1Peter 3:18-20, Jude 1:6-7, etc). Jesus second coming, “Will be as the days of Noah.”
    TRANSHUMANISM and nanotechnology on the rise anyone?

    • Mary Waterton

      Angels do no have sex organs (Matthew 22:30). The “nephilim” were not angels, but “the fallen” … the godless line of Cain. God put a mark upon Cain (Genesis 4:15) that no one would kill him which he exploited as a tool of oppression. Lamech (sixth generation descendant of Cain) killed 2 men and bragged that “If Cain shall be avenged sevenfold, then Lamech seventy-sevenfold.” (Genesis 4:19-24) Thus wicked were therefore considered “giants” among men because the righteous were not allowed to kill them even in self-defense.

      The sole reason for the Flood of Noah was the depravity of man which had reached rock bottom. Noah was the only man who had not bowed down to Satan. Consider what the Jewish Midrash says:

      “The generation of the Flood was not wiped out until they wrote marriage documents for the union of a man to a man or to an animal.”

      Not since the days of Noah has “gay marriage” been allowed on planet Earth among men. That’s how you can know the END IS NEAR.

      • Sam M.

        I have to respectfully disagree with you Mary. If the flood was truly about how corrupt man had become, Las Vegas (my current home) would be destroyed 10 times over. 9 out of 10 pastors get Genesis 6 wrong. If you’re quoting from an NIV bible, then the confusion has already begun as it mixes up the phrase “Sons of God” constantly. KJV all the way for this study.

        “Sons of God” is a direct creation from God. Adam and the angels are considered “Sons of God” because they are a direct creation of the Father. That’s why the lineage chapters are so important. Everyone “begat” someone else leading all the way back to Adam, who was a “Son of God.” In the New Testament, when you give your life over to God, you become a NEW CREATION, thus being a “Son/Daughter of God.”

        In the book of job, “Sons of God” is referenced 3 different times, all refering to angels. It’s also widely believed that although Genesis chronicles the beginning of time, Job is actually the oldest book of the bible. So the questions needs to be asked…why would the phrase “Sons of God” change from one book to the other when they are back to back?

        Genesis 6 is IMO the missing link that actually backs up the idea of Greek, Norse, Mayan, Roman, Egyptian, “gods.” Fallen angels were not cast out of heaven into hell like a lot of people believe. They were cast down to earth. If humans saw angelic beings, don’t you think they’d possibly worship them? Why do you think the first commandment is “Though shalt have no other gods before me?” Our bloody solar system planets are named after Roman gods for goodness sake!

        Fallen angels who “left their first estate” don’t have the same rules as the angels who decided to stay in heaven. Who knows how they were able to have children…but I’m willing to bet they found a way to do it. In countless stories in the bible of angels coming to earth, they take on a man’s appearance. In fact the men of Sodom and Gommarh wanted the angels who came to protect Lot and his family.

        Hercules, THOR, Titans…all demi-gods, all half man/half “god-like” being.

        Now why would that be you think?

        • Apologist

          ^^^Big fan of your response my friend

  • jepressman

    The story of Noah tells us about man and God,faith, endurance and hope. All good messages. Noah is a tale from BEFORE Abraham, before, Moses, before David, and before Christ. It is a very old tale from Gilgemesh,in the region of early civilizations of the middle east.,and after the last ice age.This story was incorporated into the Bible because it is worth retelling and Aronofsky’s take on Noah is worth watching. Tolerance.

  • Anthony Michael Garcia

    I am a follower of Christ, and someone who is also passionate about christian media as i feel that is my calling. Truthfully, i get excited when i see something from the bible made into a full scale epic, and not a giant moch like evan matter how many creative liberties are taken. I feel we as christians have done this to ourselves because we are unwilling to put any serious money/ acting/ production behind our movies and are so unwilling to depict reality as it is. Instead we make movies that seem to view the world through the very closeminded and narrow visioned, overly prudent people “christians” have become. The fact that anyone would show interest in this is a plus in my book. Would i like for them to stay true to the original story..of course, and I do think it would come out better that way..but i view this as a giant inquiry from a lost generation with serious interests about the real events of pre-recorded (excluding the bible) history. I know i will use it as a launching platform to minister to many, and will enjoy being able to explain the differences between the movie and the real story to people, as well as take them deeper into the meaning behind the events. Christians need to get off their high Jesus did..and have dinner with some tax collectors, theives and adulterers..maybe then we can remove the negative stereotypes that christianity holds, and begin a dialog by whicj we may actually affect our culture.

  • TheGrowingLight

    According to Russell Crowe from an interview..
    ….”Noah wasn’t benevolent…Noah wasn’t even nice…he was chosen because he could get the job done…he just sat back and watched the world perish”

    Noah wasn’t a benevolent figure?? Noah wasn’t nice??

    “Noah was a righteous man, blameless among the people of his time, and he walked faithfully with God” (Gen.6:9/ Ezek.14:14)

    As far as “not benevolent because he watched the world perish”..

    “The Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intention of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.” (Gen.6:5)

    “Because they formerly did not obey, when God’s patience waited in the days of Noah, while the ark was being prepared, in which a few, that is, eight persons, were brought safely through water (1 Pt.3:20)

    He didn’t “watch the world perish” He was in the ark. The world was 8 people shy of complete disobedience and spiritual neglect. With GOD being omniscient, I bet He could see everyone of their futures and know they’d never change. Hence, the destruction….just a guess..

    Too bad, Russ. Seems satan beguiled you through bad info as he did Eve. Unfortunately, Russ is being used as another brainwashed Hollywood puppet out to taint GOD’s Word. Just watching the preview, you see many issues that stray from Scripture.

    How can anyone read a short story like Noah and mess it up? They are adding to story. Would this be in conjunction with (Rev.22:18)?

    Russ is one to talk about someone “not being nice”. Isn’t this the same guy that interfered with Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan’s marriage? Hmmm? Repent!!

  • Attila Uregen

    “Let him without sin…”, comes to mind when reading some of the posts, let us ( Christians) remember that ALL sin, is against God…no where in the Bible, is any single sin singled out ( with one exception, the one that is unforgivable) as worse than the other. If you have divorced, if you have not forgiven someone, if you have “trimmed” your taxes owed, if you have lied, if you have been angry in your heart, if you have lusted, you my friend are just as much a sinner as I am, or…any homosexual…its or intention of none repentance, not seeking forgiveness and continuing to live in that sin, without seeking His grace and mercy that may condemn us…not you!

  • carl

    Russell Crowe is also anti-christian and pro abortion.
    recall his infamous tweets?
    I’ll wait for more accurate film with better quality actors.
    perhaps a movie endorsed by AIG.

    • Reverend Jeremiah Dalfonse Williams

      I full heartedly agree, praise you for offering such comments as having truly religious authorities star in a movie rather than that abortion loving Russell Crow and his oncast of demonic whores. We outta have a feller like Jimmy Swaggart play Noah. His wife could be played by Rev Ted Haggard, and since no Christian film would be complete without Jesus, why not have the second Jesus himself (aka Jose Luis) play his original role the first go round.

  • Apologist

    I haven’t seen a screening of the film. The only thing that I have seen is the trailer and in my opinion the controversy is really the stance of stance of hyperconservatives that limit what God can do through media. The story of Noah, as we ALL know, does not have much detail. What we do know is that the days of Noah were dark, very dark; God spoke to Noah and instructed him to build an ark to save mankind and animals from total destruction. He obeys, the flood comes and they live. I was impressed at the fact that the director even tackled the “how do you know when God is talking to you and how to understand it” in the trailer….has anyone even thought about that? Insteand people are concerned about whether Noah had survivors guilt….It’s entirely possible that he did. Maybe that’s why he got drunk after he left the ark. Noah was a human and had human frailities. Let’s not forget that people.Be glad that Hollywood is producing a film that accepts the premise that mankind, via sin, is evil; God loves us and will speak to us; God will save us; there is a spiritual world around us. If you embrace the truths that are being shown and encourage, in my opinion, the very courageous acts of directors, producers and actors in a time when almost EVERYTHING Christian is opposed in mainstream culture, maybe there will be more opportunities to expose the God we serve to the world.

  • krarar ahmed

    this movie take basekly from ISLAM we have full scripture from QURAN about Noah i wish u read it the movie fully taken from it

    • Ashley

      Please get your facts right. Noah is from the CHRISTIAN BIBLE whilst the koran was copied from biblical scripture.

      • Angel

        I found the story of Noah and the flood in the Jewish Torah, which preceded the Christian New Testament by many centuries. Peace, love, and rock-n-roll.

      • R-

        Much like the movie – You are arguing like the brothers in the movie, when they are from the same root. People, do your research – Abraham is from Ure (South Iraq today ). Judaism, Christianity and Islam all root from the God of Abraham . Jesus was a Jew ( he was not a Christian ). The Torah is pretty much the Old Testament, Bible is the New Testament and the Koran is the Old Testament and the New Testament together in one. All three books will have the story of Noah.

        All have the same Prophets and same story. Its Man that puts in difference and causes war over a beautiful faith of our God.

  • Rick Smith

    How did I know that they couldn’t produce a movie in Hollywood that was true to the Word of God?
    Because Jesus told me so.

    16 Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?
    17 Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.
    18 A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.
    19 Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.
    20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

  • Larry Renfrow

    I usually just read forums like this and laugh at people but I felt compelled to chime in here. It never ceases to amaze me just how intolerant and downright cruel so called religious people can be. I am not a Christian. I was brought up in the church as a child and indoctrinated, but I like to do a little thing I like to call THINKING, which is of course the sworn enemy of faith. That must be the reason that so many of the people here can’t form coherent sentences or make rational arguments. Faith is the enemy of reason. Considering the world we live in, I feel that this is an incredibly dangerous thing. I’m sorry, but I don’t want the world to end. I don’t look forward to some fiery apocalypse and the punishment and judgement of mankind. I do however believe that this could very well be how we meet our end. Religious zealotry has no place in the twenty first century. Surrendering to faith is likely to get us all killed. Jesus won’t be coming. Allah, Thor, Odin, Zeus…none of these guys are gonna show up to save us. Why? Because they are made up folks. Jesus is a fictional character people. So is Noah. Human beings are in charge of our own destiny. We always have been and to suggest or believe otherwise is quite simply a crutch of the weak minded. we live in an age in which mankind has the power to extinguish itself. Nuclear weapons and religion cannot co-exist for very long. The Jesus myth is a good one on many levels. Love one another. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Judge not lest ye be judged. Good stuff. Think about it.

    • Jesus Follower

      Hi Larry,

      I am with you concerning commenting. I usually laugh at, agree, or disagree with comments, but I felt inspired to comment to your words. I am a Jesus follower and I use my beautiful brain and sound mind to think. One major aspect of my faith in Christ is free will. I am able to make my own decisions and create my own destiny, but I believe that God has already predestined my life. I am an educator. I didn’t want to be (I wanted to be a pediatrician-still work with children, but make a significant amount of money) and wrestled with the Lord about it. He won. I am an educator and I love it!!!

      And yes, I have the Bible as my guide for God’s heart in how I am to live my life, but I also have the choice to follow or not to follow the whole, part or none of the Bible. I choose to follow the Bible with some exceptions. For example, Matthew 5:29-30 talks about plucking out my eye and cutting off my hand if either offends me. Well, I plan to keep both of my eyes and hands. And while I have never been in a fight with anyone, if someone hits me, I honestly cannot say that I will turn the other cheek. And while the Bible gives me permission to drink (not get drunk) I choose not to drink.

      Also, some scriptures don’t apply today. For example Exodus 22:1-5 outlines punishment for stealing and breaking and entering…repayment, death, being sold. Well, in our world today we have governmental laws that serve to protect us against theft and B&E and dictate what will happen when either occurs. And while quite a few of our current laws are Bible based most people today may consider them more human than Old Testament laws. And thankfully we don’t stone people anymore (I hope this doesn’t occur in other parts of the world…I would have to search it out).

      You are totally right Allah, Thor, Odin, Zeus nor Jesus are coming to save us. Jesus already completed the work of salvation and when He does come again it will be to rapture Jesus followers to Him, not to save us again.

      I believe Jesus and the Bible to be very real. His power and His love are evident in my life daily and for that I am thankful. I do, however respect your thoughts and beliefs.

      Joy and Peace!

    • johnphilip

      wow Larry – plenty to think about here! First, how much I agree with you about the intolerance of so many christians, and the nature of so many of the posts here. I am a christian, but if I wasn’t, don’t think I’d find much here that would make me think about changing my mind, except funnily enough those last few words of yours quoting the man himself, which even you tell us we should think about. We’re not so far apart. You talk about doing something called ‘thinking’ – if I may, let me tell you that I think you’re definitely on the right track with that. Don’t listen to other voices and you will get there (wherever you perceive ‘there’ to be) in the end. You say that you don’t want the world to end. Well here I do differ from you. I very much want to see the injustice, greed, cruelty and sheer barbarism of this present world ended. And I don’t see much hope in governments, world leaders, or humanity in general. The same Jesus you quoted also told us that there would be a time of trouble still to come that will make previous world conflicts seem like tea parties. Even vast numbers of intelligent non-religious people believe the world is on the edge of absolute catastrophe. Why? For the answer, let me leave you with another word from the one you say is a myth ‘Seek and you shall find’ – and that is a promise.

  • Sir Tainly

    As long as they don’t change how the story ends 😀 , I’ll probably see the movie and not get too upset…

    Well…or as long as they don’t add some twisted &/or weird elements while exercising dramatic license either….I guess.

  • Karen

    Too bad although I suspected Hollywood wouldn’t make a Christian film. I was looking forward to seeing it.

  • Cyoder

    I am sorry that I have to at least point out one thing you have wrong , Larry . Jesus is not a fictional character . His existence is historical fact ! Now , whether you believe he is The Son of God is your decision . I , in faith , believe he is God’s Son but I do not want the world to end , people to burn in hell or any other harm to befall anyone . It is unfortunate that evil things have come out of the efforts of past , and present , religious leaders and followers , this includes all faiths sadly , but it simply shows what The Word states throughout it’s pages . Thst Man has a fallen nature , and while we try to do good , our tendency is to do evil . When we look to Christ as our redeemer we then should copy his example , live as he lived . Teaching forgiveness , peace and love for all mankind and God the father !

  • Elisa Tyler

    The comments on this board alluding to “Hollywood Idiots” and all the other over-generalized bashing are tired. I have lived in Hollywood for 10 years, have you? Contrary to what you might believe, Hollywood is ACTUALLY full of people who have sacrificed support (rarely does anyone support a move to Hollywood) faced criticism and harsh judgment (rarely does anyone support an artistic endeavor) and left the comfort of a more predictable, more easily navigated life behind to follow after something nearly impossible, but undeniably potent: Storytelling. Believe it or not, many people do so not because they are propelled by delusions of grandeur or aspirations of fame, but because they are inexplicably compelled to create stories that may help mend the hurting, offer challenge or insight, address difficult issues, cause an alienated or lonely person to feel connected to humanity, or simply bring a smile of joy or eruption of laughter to another person’s face. There are people out here working 3 jobs and spending all of their spare time writing, directing, acting and working various crew jobs for FREE because they believe in the healing and transforming power of story. And you know what else? There are Christians here. A lot of them. Maybe they aren’t all composing Bible stories, but they’re here: Writing about mental illness, desperation, depression, hope, resilience, hurt, loss, confusion, faith, beauty and love. Writing for you, not themselves, because stories are meant to be shared, not contained. Perhaps you should find it in your souls to consider and pray for all of these people who are often lonely, discouraged, and resisted. God forbid they start reading comments like these and realize even their Christian brothers and sisters have no faith in them. Believe it or not, God loves Hollywood. I can tell you that first-hand, because I live here, and I can feel it. If you don’t like Hollywood, maybe you should get out here and do something about it. And if you’re unwilling or unable to do anything about it, maybe you should stop making sweeping generalizations about “evil Hollywood” and show a little respect for those of us who are.

  • Since when did God the Lord inspire movies? Never
    This Movie is not the Bible! If you’ve studied your scriptures, this movie will only give you a little wonder, in thinking about what you’ve studied in Holy Writ. I see a lot of stupid people making something out of this that is not there. Wow, you are all so wise in the things of the Almighty, you all sound like Job’s friends with all your wisdom and understanding. It’s a movie for crying out loud. What is the movie you say is perfect in scripture? You all better go back to watching Pulp fiction, because it is full of scripture.

  • Dan

    The only thing particularly unbiblical about the trailer I have seen so far is an image of a staff striking the ground and a fiery explosion happening, but for all I know that is a dream sequence. Regardless of this, I think the movie has value in the least as a window into how a very creative director (“Black Swan”, “The Fountain”, and others) views the Noah story. I am not going to the movie to help me interpret the Bible or to reevaluate the Bible. When I watch the History Channel tell me that Angels were Aliens, I am entertained by the unintended comedy. The question is, is this action-adventure also a comedy. If so, I guess I look forward to the laughter.

  • Sensible1

    The most hilarious thing about reading all these comments from indignant “Christians,” is that most of them probably praised to high Heaven the recent History Channel mini-series, “The Bible,” which was crawling with glaring discrepancies from the scriptures, and they will probably “flock” in droves to see “Son of God,” which is another Hollywood distortion. Get real, people. These are MOVIES. They are entertainment! If you want Biblical accuracy, dust off your copy of the KJV and read it…if you can find it.

    • R-

      Very well said

  • Shawn Barfield

    Angels did not have sex with humans. That is twisted doctrine and a misunderstanding of scripture. Sons of God were men of God that went after worldly women. It’s a theme we see all through scripture. Take Samson for example or even Solomon. Read Deuteronomy 7:1-6. People of God joined with unholy people turning them from God. It’s real simple. It’s the same thing Paul warns against be not unequally yoked with unbelievers

  • Yulanda K.

    The Christian that wrote this about the biblical account of Noah : “a story of a “preacher of righteousness” who calls the world to repentance from sin.” Is the one that got it wrong. Noah was more like the piano player in Color Purple that said, “Whoop time to go”. Genesis 6:1-13 He was not told to preach, just to build the ark for his family and the animals and himself. And even per those 13 verses only, all else i n movie is plausible. The only problem from what I know now is extra character on Ark.

    Yulanda K.

  • Bob Bluhm

    Are you serious….Christians are upset because it doesnt follow the Biblical version. Which one, the greek translations, the King James version, the New American Bible ? Since when is it an issue if someone creates a movie based on a fictional story ? Which of course this truely is….